10+ Celebrities Who Have Terrible Relationships With Their Parents

While some people are lucky enough to have great relationships with their parents, some people don't for one reason or another. Family relationships can be difficult, and some parents just aren't good at the parenting thing.

Many celebrities have struggled to have healthy, good relationships with their parents, and some are completely estranged from them.

Here are 10+ celebrities who have terrible relationships with their parents.

Macaulay Culkin

It made many headlines when the Home Alone star became emancipated from his parents back in 1995 when he was only 14.

He has been estranged from his father, Kit Culkin, ever since that time. In fact, Kieran Culkin, Macaulay's little brother, has also been open about his issues with their father.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore has said that her parents were involved in a partying, celebrity lifestyle, and she has even revealed that her mother, Jade, introduced her to alcohol when Drew was only 10 years old.

She ended up applying for legal emancipation from her mother when she was 17, and her father had already left by that point.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay's issues with her father, Michael Lohan, were in the tabloids often.

While she's also had struggles with her mother, Dina, both Lindsay and Dina have alleged that Michael was abusive.

Because of this, Lindsay has nothing to do with her father.

Tracy Morgan

In an interview with E! News, Morgan said that, "For reasons that are between us, I have not seen my mother in 11 years and outside of a random call here and there have had little to no contact with my sister."

He's been pretty vague about why he is estranged from his family, but he definitely doesn't want much to do with them.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a famous person with a famous father, Jon Voight.

The two have had long periods where they didn't speak, but they reconciled after Jolie's divorce from Brad Pitt in 2016.

Jolie says that Voight was there for her and was a good grandfather during this time period.

Tori Spelling

Tori was on the outs with her mother, Candy Spelling, for many years.

Their rift started when Aaron Spelling, Tori's father, died and his money went to Tori.

Over the years, they both accused each other of being bad parents, but they mostly get along now.

Brie Larson

Brie Larson explained in an interview with Elle in 2016 that her childhood was rough, especially after her parents divorced when she was 10.

When she reached adulthood, she stopped talking to her father altogether.

"When legally I didn't have to have visitation with him anymore, I jumped on it," Larson said.

Kate Hudson

It's easy to assume that Kate Hudson is Kurt Russell's daughter, but this is because Hudson herself considers him her father.

While she has a good relationship with her mother, Goldie Hawn, and stepfather, Kurt Russell, she's estranged from her birth dad, Bill Hudson.


Beyoncé and her sisters have had issues with their father, Matthew Knowles, over the years.

He was even fired as Beyoncé’s manager at one point. While she denied it was because of anything nefarious, there have always been rumors about issues with how he handled her money.


While some celebrities became estranged from their parents once they reached adulthood, others have parents who left them when they were kids.

Adele's father, Mark Evans, left her and her family when she was two years old. They still have an estranged relationship.

Demi Lovato

After Demi Lovato's parents got divorced back in 1994, they didn't have much to do with their father, Patrick.

They were only two years old at the time of the divorce, and they were estranged from him for the rest of his life, until he died in 2013.


Eminem has always been extremely frank in his music about the difficulties he faced growing up.

He's rapped about his relationship with his mother, Debbie Mathers, and she even sued him for $10 million over alleged defamation of character back in 1999.

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler thought musician Todd Rundgren was her biological dad until she realized at the age of 11 that she was really Steven Tyler's daughter.

It's well-known that these two struggled to connect at first. However, they do seem to be a part of each other's lives today.

Jennifer Aniston

Aniston has said in interviews that while growing up, her mother, Nancy Dow, was critical of Aniston and expected perfection.

They've been estranged off and on over the years, and Nancy even wrote a book about this called, From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir.

Michael Jackson

The relationship between the late Michael Jackson and the late Joseph Jackson was very strained and complicated.

Michael talked about how his father abused him growing up, and these two had many public things to say about one another over the years.

It's definitely hard to hear about.

Heather Graham

Heather became estranged from her parents very early on in her career. Their strict religious beliefs clashed heavily with the rollergirl character that Heather was set to portray in the film Boogie Nights.

Their feud sadly remains unresolved.

Christina Aguilera

Christina has said on more than one occasion that she never felt safe being inside the same house as her father, Fausto.

The iconic pop singer even refused to see her grandparents (Fausto's parents) on their deathbed.

Frances Bean Cobain

Sadly, Frances never got the opportunity to know her fallen rock star father, Kurt Cobain. His suicide sent her world into a tailspin.

In 2009, Frances went to court in order to file a restraining order against her own mother, Courtney Love.

Meg Ryan

Meg's parents divorced when she was in her early teens and it drove a permanent wedge between her and her mother.

Over the years, Meg's mom has spoken out publicly regarding her daughter's relationships with Dennis Quaid and Russell Crowe.

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts is the daughter of Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham. When the couple divorced in the early '90s, Eric's own sister (Julia Roberts) supported his ex-wife's claim and not his own.

Eric ignorantly asserts that without him, there wouldn't be a Julia Roberts or an Emma Roberts, a point which Emma happily refutes.

Kelly Rowland

Kelly's father had serious issues with substance abuse when she was a young girl. He left when she was eight years old and was completely absent from her life up until three years ago.

Since their reunion in 2018, Kelly is working to rekindle and rebuild their relationship.

Tatum O'Neal

Growing up, Tatum O'Neal and her brother suffered from heavy neglect at the hands of their mother. It wasn't uncommon for them to be left alone, locked in the house, without a scrap of food to eat.

Tatum was also sexually assaulted multiple times by close family friends.

Courtney Love

It's kind of ironic that Courtney has such a troubled relationship with her own daughter.

She herself fought to become emancipated from her mother while she was still in her teens. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Gary Coleman

The story of Gary Coleman is mired in tragedy. After mismanaging a trust set up in his name, Gary sued his parents to the sum of $1 million.

Upon his death, they were written out of his will.

Halle Berry

Halle has horrible memories of the abuse her sister and mother received from her father and was plagued with survivor's guilt for years.

In the wake of his death, Halle finally found the strength to forgive him for all that he'd done.

Justin Bieber

There was a period of time when Justin and his mother weren't on speaking terms. The singer was struggling with fame and began experimenting with hard drugs.

His mother lives in Hawaii which makes repairing their relationship difficult, but Justin says it's getting better.

Ariel Winter

Shortly after Ariel Winter burst onto the scene in Modern Family, rumors started to swirl that there was trouble at home.

When she was 14, Ariel emancipated herself from her family and went to live with her sister.

The Kardashian sisters.

Caitlyn Jenner and the Kardashians have been on non-speaking terms for some time now. Both Kim and Khloe confronted Caitlyn, condemning her for bashing their mother to the press.

As Caitlyn bluntly puts it, they no longer want her to be included in their lives.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie and his father, Martin, have had their ups and downs, especially when Charlie was in the thralls of addiction. But Martin shoulders some of the blame, admitting that he wasn't always the most attentive father.

He also says that his fatherly advice isn't welcome these days.

Selena Gomez

When Selena and her mother's professional relationship began to wane, it caused a serious rift in their mother/daughter dynamic.

Things became so heated between the two that her mother refused to let Selena speak to her younger sister.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande isn't shy about expressing her troubles with her father. In fact, if you listen carefully, you can hear her singing about it on the single "Thank U, Next."

"One day I'll walk down the aisle holdin' hands with my mama. I'll be thanking my dad, 'cause she grew from the drama."