10+ Celebrities Who Opened Up About Their Mental Health Struggles

Mental health struggles are something that many people deal with, and this includes celebritiesf.

In recent years, more and more celebs have been opening up about their own journey with mental health and mental illness and raising awareness on this important topic.

Here are 10+ celebrities who opened up about their mental health struggles and made it clear that these weren't issues to hide.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik has opened up about the struggles he dealt with surrounding anxiety and an eating disorder.

These are two very real topics that impact people both in and out of the entertainment industry.

He wrote about the pressures of performing while in One Direction in his autobiography.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is someone who has been vocal and fearless over the years about dealing with her mental health struggles.

“I think it's important that people no longer look at mental illness as something taboo to talk about," Lovato said during a speech at the National Council for Behavioral Health.

Jared Padalecki

The Supernatural star has been open about dealing with depression and how mental health struggles can even happen to people who seem to have everything going for them.

He said to Variety, "I was 25 years old. I had my own TV show. I had dogs that I loved and tons of friends and I was getting adoration from fans and I was happy with my work, but I couldn't figure out what it was; it doesn't always make sense is my point."

Chrissy Teigen

Postpartum depression is something that many people deal with, and it's not always talked about enough.

So, it was a good thing when Teigen penned an essay for Glamour about her struggle.

"I have a great life. I have all the help I could need: John, my mother (who lives with us), a nanny. But postpartum does not discriminate."

Amanda Seyfried

Seyfried was refreshingly frank about her use of medication to help with her mental illness.

“I’m on Lexapro, and I’ll never get off of it. I’ve been on it since I was 19, so 11 years. I’m on the lowest dose. I don’t see the point of getting off of it," she told Allure.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart was candid about her anxiety in an interview with Marie Claire.

"Between ages 15 and 20, it was really intense. I was constantly anxious. I was kind of a control freak...I've come out the other end not hardened but strong."

Prince Harry

Prince Harry opening up about his struggles with mental health was a big deal and a bit of a break from the norms of the Royal Family.

He told The Telegraph that he went to therapy to deal with how he "shut down all his emotions" after the death of his mother.

Carrie Fisher

The beloved late actress was open about her battles with drug abuse and also about her mental health diagnosis.

She said in an interview with Diane Sawyer that she lived with being "severely manic depressive."

Fisher definitely used humor and honesty to shed light on these important issues.

Billie Eilish

For part of the "Seize the Awkward" campaign, Eilish talked about her own mental health struggles and urged others to reach out for help.

"You should be able to ask anyone for help and everyone has to help someone if they need it."


The holiday season can be great in many ways, but it's also a time when many people deal with intense emotions.

Kesha wrote an essay for TIME about the issue.

"The holiday season is supposed to be the most festive and fun time of the year but sometimes it can quickly become a stressful and emotional time ...This is especially true for those of us who struggle with mental illness."

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Mental health struggles can happen to anyone, and it's great to see celebrities who are viewed as being overall strong and upbeat talk about this.

The Rock has talked about dealing with depression in his life.

To help him cope, he said on Oprah's Master Class that "with depression, one of the most important things you could realize is that you're not alone."

Sophie Turner

The actress has been really open about dealing with anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder.

In an interview on Dr. Phil's podcast, Turner said that therapy helped her a lot.

"I've been going to therapy at CAST Centers, actually. I'm on medication and I love myself now, or more than I used to, I think."

Kendrick Lamar

The successful, Grammy-wining artist has talked about his depression and dealing with thoughts of ending his own life.

He's even expressed his feelings about these struggles in his music such as in the song "u" from his To Pimp a Butterfly album.

Chris Evans

Evans has been rather forthcoming about dealing with anxiety, especially when it comes to his superstar status.

He said in an interview that things like premieres and red carpet events are extremely stressful. He also said that after working on his anxiety over the years that it's gotten better.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga might be one of the biggest stars around, but she also has opened up about living with PTSD.

"There is a lot of shame attached to mental illness, but it's important that you know that there is hope and a chance for recovery," she wrote in an open letter for her Born This Way Foundation.