The Tradition Of Topping Christmas Trees With Angels Dates Back Hundreds Of Years

Many people are only aware that decorating Christmas trees with angels is a reference to the holiday's biblical history.

However, the true story seldom unravels. As Christmas day approaches, it's the perfect opportunity for people from all walks of life to learn the origins of the angels on Christmas trees, and it all traces back hundreds of years.

It goes back to biblical times.

As Better Homes & Gardens reported, the story of Christmas and angels goes back to the very first Christmas — the birth story of Jesus Christ.

The angels first appeared to Joseph and Mary to rejoice the future birth of Jesus, and they returned on the evening that he was born.

They also delivered the message to Bethlehem that the Savior has arrived.

Angels have always taken to the highest heights.

Since the angels appeared in the skies during the first Christmas, it soon became tradition for people to top their Christmas trees with angels as a way of celebrating the birth of Jesus every year.

Interestingly, there is a similar history when it comes to star tree topers that many people may not realize.

Stars continue to pave the way in the darkness.

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The angels aren't the only powerful forces that showed up for Christ's birth.

The star of Bethlehem, AKA the Christmas star, took to the skies to guide the people of Bethlehem to the manger where baby Jesus lay.

History adds new layers to the present.

For those of different faiths, walks of life and traditions, Christmas angels and stars have become a part of the yearly celebration of Christmas and the holidays.

It truly is fascinating to learn about Christmas origins and history, especially for all of our fellow history buffs that know all about the most magical day of the year.

Let us know what you think in the comments and if you knew about the origins of the Christmas tree angels and stars. Do you know anyone who puts an angel at the top of their tree?

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