Tim Allen Reprises Iconic 'Home Improvement' Character In 'Last Man Standing' Crossover

Do you know what the world doesn't need more of? Reboots! Do you know what the world does need more of?! CROSSOVERS!

Who doesn't miss the golden era of TV when shows would crossover with each other all the time?! You're watching an episode of Bones and BAM, suddenly the cast of Sleepy Hollow is there!

Everyone and their brother was obsessed with *Home Improvement* back in the day.

Tim Taylor's fictional TV show Tool Time was always a crowd pleaser!

You know what else is a crowd pleaser? Last Man Standing.

Tim Allen has been lucky enough to have TWO hit TV shows in the past three decades.

Sadly for LMS fans, the show will be wrapping up its ninth and final season soon.

However, there will be an epic crossover for fans to look forward to!

Tim Taylor will be appearing on an upcoming episode of *LMS* as fans saw in a promo video for the new episodes of the show.

"Tim Taylor, they call me the tool man," Allen says as he introduces himself to his LMS character, Mike Baxter.

Naturally, fans can't wait for the big moment! The ninth and final season will premiere on January 3 on FOX.

Will you be tuning in for the crossover no one asked for? Let us know in the comments below!

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