Nicole Kidman's Hair In 'The Undoing' Ended Up Sparking A Huge Debate Online

Nicole Kidman's hair is almost as famous as Nicole Kidman. Is that a bold statement? Perhaps. However, Nicole's hair is undeniably center stage whenever the 53-year-old is, so when fans were noticing something off about her wig in the hit HBO miniseries The Undoing they took to Twitter to discuss.


Did you watch *The Undoing*? I did and it was AMAZING but don't worry, I wont spoil anything!

What I will spoil, though, are any illusions you had about Nicole's hair during the miniseries.

As fans noticed, the actress's hair was a throwback to her gorgeous, auburn curls from the early 2000's.

While simultaneously trying to find out who the ~villain~ was, viewers were also trying to figure out what was going on with Nicole's HAIR.

Look, I don't want to say I told you so but the Kidman locks are FAMOUS, Y'ALL!

While fans were in agreement about loving the color, debate soon sparked about whether or not it was a wig.

And if it was a wig, was it a good wig, or a bad wig? WHICH?!

Some felt the hairpiece was horrible.

"Finally watching The Undoing. Nicole Kidman’s wardrobe is A1 but that wig is distracting," tweeted one fan.

"The ultimate *Undoing* spoiler is that Nicole Kidman’s wearing a wig," tweeted @ginnyhogan_.

"At first I thought it was her real hair bc it looks like it did in Days Of Thunder, then it started to look like the hair was wearing her," replied @Ap_pleBlossom.

However, not everyone was so harsh about the 'do, and even began speculating that it wasn't a wig AT ALL!

"I think that might be all her own hair. She’s always had an insane amount of hair," tweeted one fan.

"Yes, she's a natural redhead. I think that's her real hair as well," agreed another fan.

WILL WE EVER KNOW THE TRUTH? @Nicole please speak to us and help us debunk the myths.

What did you think of Nicole's hair in The Undoing?!

Do you think it's a wig? Let us know in the comments below!

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