10+ Lies Celebrities Thought They Could Get Away With

All of us lie, it's just what human beings do. Big lies, white lies — they're all the same. Celebrities in Hollywood are no different, either. Underneath it all, they're just like us.

To prove my point, I went and scoured the internet for some of the greatest slips-of-the-tongue I could find. Have a look at these huge lies celebrities thought they could get away with.

Martha Stewart lied about her knowledge of insider trading details.

Before the news broke, the inside of a jail cell is the last place you would have thought to find Martha Stewart. But sadly, that's precisely what happened after news surfaced that she'd had made a surmountable sum from insider secrets.

Milli Vanilli almost won a Grammy for Best New Artist, even though they'd never sung on any of their recordings.

Which is a pretty huge pre-requisite for any artist! When the truth was finally revealed, Milli Vanilli was shamed and quickly faded into obscurity.

As terrible as this was, still — you gotta love those dance moves.

For some strange reason, Jack and Meg White pretended to be brother and sister.

For the record, they're actually husband and wife (divorced). Supposedly, Jack and Meg didn't think that fans would take them seriously if they were romantically involved.

I guess they'd never heard of Fleetwood Mac before?

Tyga wanted us all to believe that he was from Compton.

This is just kind of sad because Tyga is talented. However, Hip Hop as a community still has some pretty outdated ideas when it comes to street cred and clout.

It's OK if you're a rich kid from the Valley, just own it!

Ashlee Simpson thought she could get away with lip-syncing on *SNL*.

Whenever people tend to describe the sensation of being in a car crash, most say the same thing: "It was like everything was happening in slow motion."

Well, I remember watching Ashlee Simpson's 'performance' live. While it may have only lasted a few moments, it felt like a lifetime.

The Boss Rick Ross hid the fact that he used to be a Corrections Officer.

The fact that Rick Ross used to be a C/O in and of itself doesn't seem like such a big deal. But when you build a career pretending to be a notorious drug-dealer-turned-MC, you better be able to back it up.

This slip of the tongue made Ross lose a lot of credibility with his audience.

Nelly lied about his age.

Who hasn't lied about their age at least once in their life, am I right? The only problem was, Nelly had been selected for a Top 25 Under 25 list, and he was actually 28 at the time.

Shania Twain made false claims about her Native American heritage.

Audiences don't take very kindly to artists appropriating a group's cultural heritage for their own personal gain.

I'm not sure what Shania's motivations were for pretending to be First Nation, but needless to say, it didn't end well.

Star Jones lied about having liposuction.

Star Jones is best known for being one of the founding four members of the hotly debated daytime talk show, The View.

After a dramatic weight-loss, Star claimed her only secret was diet and exercise. She forgot to mention the extensive liposuction, which left a sour taste in many peoples' mouths.

Paris Hilton told Larry King that she was going to quit clubbing and drinking.

In all fairness, I am sure that there was a part of Paris that really wanted to believe she was capable of fulfilling such a promise.

But in no time, Paris was back to her old tricks; partying and drinking like never before.

Lance Armstrong's doping scandal.

We as a society are pretty willing to let bygones be bygones. But there are some instances that are much more difficult to forgive, like cheating in sports.

Lance's blood-doping scandal is widely considered one of the worst examples of cheating in the history of sports.

Steve Rannazzisi infamously claimed that he was in the World Trade Center buildings during the 9/11 attack.

Spoiler alert: he was not in the building. Steve was working in midtown but was most definitely nowhere near the Trade Center that day.

This lie went on for years and it was only on the eve of the 14-year-anniversary of 9/11 that Steve came clean.

Kylie Jenner made the world believe she was a billionaire.

Unfortunately for Kylie, and her legions of fans, this declaration was flagrantly false. Kylie's empire was a clever facade of smoke and mirrors.

While Forbes admits that she may have been a billionaire (for an albeit brief time) she emphatically is not, any longer.

Lindsay Lohan claimed to have handled the remains of Whitney Houston.

Some people can't stop themselves from lying. It becomes a compulsive habit, where one lie begets another.

That was certainly the case when Lindsay claimed to have handled Whitney Houston's body bag as part of her community service. This was 100% fabricated.

Britney Spears lied about saving herself for marriage.

When Britney was at the height of her fame, she made it known that she was not only a virgin but was saving herself for marriage.

After her breakup with Justin Timberlake, it was revealed that both of those claims were inherently false.