10+ Movies That Are Really Not Great But We Can't Stop Watching Them

It isn't hard to explain the reasoning behind watching a good movie. They're entertaining, exciting, but most importantly captivating. The funny thing is, bad movies tend to have a lot of these same qualities as well.

Which can make it difficult to distinguish between the two. See what I mean and check out these 10+ movies that are obviously very bad but we can't stop watching them.

*She's All That*.

On the one hand, She's All That epitomizes everything that's wrong with teen movies. But on the other, this is a film that stars Freddie Prinze Jr., Paul Walker, and Matthew Lillard.

It's impossible to not get sucked in.

*The NeverEnding Story*.

I know, you're probably thinking "Oh, Jordan — how could you? The NeverEnding Story is a classic!"

Do you know what my mentor used to say about classics? They're often quoted but rarely read. Trust me, this movie isn't as great as you remember.

*Deep Blue Sea*.

Sure, the plot of Deep Blue Sea is a little hard to swallow. It's packed with cheesy one-liners, and it plays fast and loose with basic concepts of biology.

But in spite of its many grievances, Deep Blue Sea is still the best shark-movie, next to Jaws.

*The Last Action Hero*.

The Last Action Hero is a bit of a catch-all for the entire genre.

It's meant to be a parody of itself and serves as an ode to the era of filmmaking that made Arnold Schwarzenneger the star he is today.

*Idle Hands*.

I am a firm believer that the only thing better than a good horror movie, is a bad horror movie.

And brother, let me tell you: Idle Hands is as good/bad as horror movies get. I still watch it every Halloween.

*The Water Boy*.

The Water Boy isn't a good Adam Sandler movie. It isn't a good sports movie, either. So why can I still quote it word-for-word, even 20 years after its release?

This was a turning point in the Sandman's career. With the exception of Big Daddy, it's all downhill from here.

*Ernest Scared Stupid*.

I don't expect everyone to understand the greatness of Jim Varney and his heartwarmingly absent-minded character, Ernest P. Worrell.

Ernest Scared Stupid is one of those movies that you either love or hate. And I for one can't get enough!

*Howard The Duck*.

It would probably shock you to learn that Marvel Comics first real foray into feature films wasn't with Iron Man or Captain America — it was Howard the Duck.

This movie is the ultimate guilty pleasure flick, just don't let anyone know you're watching it.


Make no mistake, BASEketball is crude, offensive, and most definitely hasn't aged well in certain aspects. But underneath it all, it's one of the most brilliant underdog stories of all time; an incredible satire worthy of the watch.

*Freddy Vs. Jason*.

The title says it all. Freddy Vs. Jason is a not-so-clever wink at the entire slasher genre as a whole, pitting one of the most revered horror icons against the other.

It's a B+ Freddy flick (at best) but one of the better Jason films out there.

*Batman & Robin*.

Everyone loves to take potshots at Batman & Robin. Yes, the Mr. Freeze ice puns are bad. The product placement is obvious and manipulative, and don't even get me started on the 'bat-nipples.'

I honestly can't put into words what it is that keeps me coming back for more. Maybe I'm just a sucker for punishment?


There will never be another Jaws, of that much I am certain. But if you were searching for the next best thing, Anaconda isn't a bad place to start.

It may be horribly written and impossibly implausible, but boy is it exciting.

*Save The Last Dance*.

I have strong feelings surrounding Save the Last Dance and its star Julia Stiles. Probably due to the fact that my sister made me watch this movie close to a hundred times back when we were kids.

I don't get the appeal and I never will. But for some reason, people love it.

*The Room*.

The Room may not have invented the concept of the good/bad movie, but it definitely perfected it.

Every line of dialogue is cringe-inducing. The acting is so terrible, you'll want to gouge out your eyes. And then as soon as it's over, you'll want to watch it again.

*Road House*.


There was a time when you might have referred to Road House as a "guy's movie." Which was code in the 1980s for "juvenile testosterone-fueled trash."

Make no mistake: Road House is a bad movie. So bad, that it's freaking brilliant.