15 Of The Worst Christmas Movies Ever

One of the most exciting parts about the holiday season is snuggling under a warm blanket with some hot cocoa and watching Christmas movies.

When you do, some surefire ones are bound to come to mind: Home Alone, A Christmas Story, Elf.

But then, there are some holiday films that are so bad, they belong on the naughty list...

1. *Santa with Muscles*

It's a movie no one asked for, and yet, here we are.

It stars WWE fighter, Hulk Hokan, as an evil millionaire who gets amnesia and thinks he's Santa. The only good thing about it is that it stars a young Mila Kunis.

Despite that, it's so bad it's funny.

2. *Star Wars Holiday Special*

Just because a franchise can make a Christmas special doesn't mean they should.

In this cringe-worthy film, Han Solo and Chewbacca go through many trials to return to Chewie’s homeland of Kashyyyk to celebrate Life Day.

But since it was so bad, even George Lucas isn't a fan of the movie.

“The special from 1978 really didn’t have much to do with us, you know," he said in a 2015 interview.

"We let them use the characters and stuff and that probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but you learn from those experiences."

3. *Home Alone 3*

Hughes Entertainment

I'm tempted to give this one a pass since it's one I've seen multiple times and it stars a young Scarlett Johannson.

But Christmas fans just can't get past the very obvious attempt to squeeze more money out of the popular Home Alone franchise.

4. *A Christmas Story 2*

When will these movies take a hint?! YOU DON'T TOUCH A CLASSIC. That's what A Christmas Story is and why it gets rewatched every year.

In the second one, a 15-year-old Ralphie wants a sweet car, but given his history of bad luck, he damages it.

5. *Jingle All the Way 2*

There is a reason Will Ferrell never wanted to do an Elf 2: he didn't want to ruin the magic of the first one. This was even despite being offered $29 million.

"I remember asking myself: could I withstand the criticism when it's bad," he told The Guardian.

But *Jingle All the Way 2, which starred Larry the Cable Guy, clearly missed the memo.

It had basically the same plot as the first — a dad trying to get a hard-to-get toy for his kid — but none of the same magic.

6. *The Christmas Candle*

While the holiday film had good intentions, the film failed on all notes.

The mix of cheery holiday spirit felt way too forced with philosophies that just left viewers feeling awkward. After all, it's already a pretty cynical movie.

7. *A Christmas Carol*

This film hit a low note for Jim Carrey's career.

While the movie stayed loyal to the story of Scrooge being visited by a ghost, it was overshadowed by all the new graphics Disney was trying to show off.

8. *Deck the Halls*

Unfortunately, this movie starring Danny Devito and Matthew Broderick just didn't light up the screen.

It featured the plot of Devito's character trying to make his Christmas lights bright enough to see from space. Cue Broderick as an angry neighbor.

9. *Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas*

Talk about name grab!

While the whole Madea franchise is highly successful, this one missed the mark. Most of the scenes were just so unrealistic that you couldn't help but laugh at the cheesiness of it all.

10. *Christmas With The Kranks*

Not even movie heavyweights Tim Allen or Jamie Lee Curtis could salvage this film.

There are just too many scenes that were more awkward than funny, like when the priest stares far too long at Nora (Jamie) in a bikini at the tanning salon.

11. *The Santa Clause 3*

While the first two movies were amazing, the third just felt like a major cash grab.

I mean, they clearly ran out of ideas. In it, Santa (Tim Allen) must protect the North Pole from Jack Frost (Martin Short).

12. *The Family Stone*

If you want a Christmas movie that takes place during Christmas but features none of the traditional warmth, this is it.

It stars some big names, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Keaton, Rachel McAdams, and Luke Wilson, but not even they can salvage it.

Parker plays the new girlfriend who's being taken home for Christmas, but the family are all incredibly mean to her.

This includes Rachel McAdams's character who is extremely unlikeable.

Then, Parker and Claire Danes' characters end up switching boyfriends in the end...

13. *Jack Frost*

It's a story about a man turning into a snowman... need I say more? Surprisingly, it stars Michael Keaton as the lead.

While it has some sweet moments, let's save Frosty for the animated versions.

14. *Four Christmas*

There are four main reasons why this movie was the very opposite of Christmas joy. First, the couple, played by Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn, were incredibly selfish.

Can you imagine lying to your family about your xmas plans every year?

Second, there was no chemistry between them.

This made it hard to take them as a couple seriously.

And third and fourth, it was missing a lot of humor and the standard warmth you feel from holiday films.

15. *Fred Claus*

Ouch, that's 2 for 2 on Vince Vaughn and Christmas movies.

In this one, he starred as Santa's older (very naughty) brother. But since it wasn't really funny, it ruined what could have been a cool premise of him paying off his debt by working at the North Pole.