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10+ Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Famous Movies That Will Change Some Perspectives

We all have our favorite movies, and these movies can often seem completely real. However, we all know that they are fake.

But, it's not until seeing behind-the-scenes photos that we really grasp just how much work, time, technology, and movie magic goes into making famous films.

These 10+ behind-the-scenes photos from some really popular movies might change how you see the films!

The cast of *Little Women* eating on set.

Seeing actors in their costumes just hanging out on set is always fun, but it's even more interesting when the costumes are from period pieces.

We also often forget that these actors and actresses have to do things like eat while on set.

Jack Nicholson on the set of *The Shining.*

It's always extra fascinating when we as fans see set photos from horror movies since there's such a difference between the happiness of the actors and the film's tone.

This picture of Jack Nicholson hanging around behind-the-scenes is great because of this.

Spielberg on the set of *Jaws.*

Jaws is one of the most well-known movies ever, and it's still considered a classic.

However, this photo of director Steven Spielberg and other filmmakers on the set is totally fascinating. They are just chilling in the water with a camera which is a very different vibe from the intensity of the movie.

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey practicing together.

One of the best things about some behind-the-camera moments is that they show how the actors interacted with each other when off-screen. Often, actors still had good chemistry and had a lot of fun.

This moment of the two leads from Dirty Dancing practicing their dance moves is super sweet.

This adorable photo from the set of *Us.*

As a rather terrifying and intense horror film, you might expect the actors on the set of Us to seem rather somber, but they look like they are having fun in this picture.

We definitely love seeing Winston Duke and Lupita Nyong'o smiling!

Chris Hemsworth chilling on set for *Avengers.*

There were actual scenes shot in New York City for the first of the Avengers films, but one of the best things to see from these production photos is the actors hanging out on set.

Hemsworth is all cuddled up in a cozy-looking robe when not filming his scenes as Thor.

Florence Pugh looking totally cool filming *Midsommar.*

Midsommar is a disturbing but beautifully made horror film, so this behind-the-scenes photo of the actress is a lot of fun.

Pugh looks totally unbothered and rather awesome in her sunglasses while sitting at the head of the table in between takes.

A realistic-looking war set from *Apocalypse Now.*

Some movie sets are so grand and well-created that they look extremely real.

This photo from 2001 in the Philippines during the production of the movie looks very realistic.

It definitely shows that sometimes film sets can be quite immersive.

A cool action moment from *Mission: Impossible.*

This film from 1996 starred Tom Cruise, but here we see Jon Voight filming an action scene.

He is clearly acting very intensely, but the blue screen behind him and minimal props illustrate just how imaginative actors have to be.

This set from *Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.*

Big blockbuster movies like ones from the Harry Potter series can sometimes have massive sets filled with a large number of props and extras.

This wide shot of the set for the camp before the Quidditch World Cup give perspective into just how much of an undertaking movie making can be.

An amazing throwback picture from *10 Things I Hate About You.*

Some of the best behind-the-scenes photos are throwback pictures from movies we loved growing up.

Gabrielle Union posted this super cute picture of her and the late Heath Ledger while they were filming this upbeat teen romantic comedy.

While it's a bit sad to see given Ledger's passing, it's still a great moment.

The iconic Marilyn Monroe moment.

A photographer caught Monroe filming the scene from The Seven Year Itch outside a store on Lexington and 51st Street in NYC.

It's an amazing photo because it captures the iconic moment we all know but from a totally different point of view.

This photo of a *Star Wars* location from early on in production.

Getty Images | Charles McQuillan

Set photos are definitely fascinating, but there is a ton of work and planning that goes into choosing a location for a movie before the actors ever show up.

This awesome photo shows production crews setting up at Skellig Island, Ireland, for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Chadwick Boseman posing with this Rocket Raccoon doll.

While Rocket Raccoon might seem very real on screen, he's mostly a CGI creation with some practical effects, too.

This photo of the late Chadwick Boseman with the doll on the set of Avengers: Endgame reminds us all just how many effects go into Marvel films.

Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill on the set of the original *Star Wars*.

Carrie Fisher is another famous person who was taken from the world far too soon.

While it's still rather tragic, this behind-the-scenes photo of Fisher with Mark Hamill while filming the original trilogy is heartwarming.

It brings us all back to the beginning of the franchise.

Gal Gadot has a wonderful bathroom on location for *WW84*.

I'm not saying that WW84 is a perfect movie, but there's no denying that Gal Gadot is the perfect actress to portray Diana Prince.

I'm still hopeful that we'll see a Superman/Wonder Woman movie in the near future.

The cast of *Little Women* (again) enjoying their not-so-period-appropriate lunch.

Timothée Chalamet is clearly a time traveler; how else would you explain Wendy's fries showing up in a period piece drama?

I also find the image of Meryl Streep eating fast food to be hilarious.

James Cameron is an incredibly hands-on director in *Titanic*.

You have to hand it to James Cameron. I don't think there's many a director out there who would don a wet-suit and slip into frigid cold waters with his actors.

That's a whole other kind of commitment.

Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix running lines for *Joker*.

According to Joaquin, many of the best lines in Joker were ad-libbed on the fly by director Todd Phillips.

The dance scene in the bathroom was also unscripted and shot on the fly.

Brie Larson transforming into *Captain Marvel*.

As someone who has a long association with cosplay, let me tell you that it isn't easy wearing a mask all day long — especially one that covers your entire face and head.

I definitely wouldn't recommend it if you're claustrophobic.

The most powerful women in the universe all gathered around one marvelous table while filming *Avengers: End Game*.

I feel so sorry for Zoe Saldana and Karen Gillan in this photo. Wearing that makeup all day long must have been absolute hell.

Danny DeVito in the makeup chair for *Batman Returns*.

The prosthetics for the Penguin were created by taking a live cast mold of Danny DeVito's face. The artists then reversed engineered the Penguin's facial features based on the constructs of Danny's.

Get ready to *Scream* one more time.

As unbelievable as it may be, Scream is coming back for at least one more sequel. Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, as well as David Arquette have all signed on.

Could this be the end of Sidney Prescott?

Father and son on the set of *Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade*.

Now this one takes me back. I don't know about you, but I always thought that The Last Crusdade was the best of the Indiana Jones bunch.

Rest in peace, Sean Connery.

Salma Hayek and Karan Soni having fun while filming *Like A Boss*.

I think Karan Soni is hilarious. He's great in Deadpool, of course, but where he really shines brightest is in Office Christmas Party.

Check it out next holiday season, you'll be glad you did.

Will Smith wearing new face-mapping technology in *Gemini Man*.

I was blown away by Gemini Man. The way that they were able to map Will Smith's face to make him appear younger was just plain freaky.

That kind of technology has infinite potential in filmmaking.

Taron Egerton practices his piano chops for *Rocketman*.

Taron Egerton both sang and played piano in Rocketman. If you follow the link through to the video, you'll see he isn't half bad either.

That, and I've always been a sucker for "Your Song."

Just a couple of Jackasses and Dan Bakkedahl on the set of *Action Point*.

That's Chris Pontius to the right of Dan for those who were wondering. That sign above their heads is something else, too.

Putting something like that above the ride only encourages me to ride it all the more.

Taraji P. Henson brings a special visitor to the set of *What Men Want*.

What men (and women) want is Taraji's fur baby. Just look at its cute, perky little ears! If I had a dog, I'd want to take it to work with me all the time.

Viola Davis and Denzel officially wrap on *Fences*.

A rare photo of Denzel Washington in his natural habitat — in front of the camera.

What did you think of his directorial debut in Fences? Personally, I thought Denzel knocked it out of the park.

Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron rock their beach bodies in *Baywatch*.

There's just too much coolness in this picture to bear! What I wouldn't give to crush tequila shots with these two.

Send some of that Teremana my way, Dwayne!