Here's What Our Favorite Movie Characters Would Look Like Without Their Main Features

Get ready to be weirded out today, folks, because we're going to explore some famous characters without their main features.

Confused? Well stay tuned and that feeling of confusion will be replaced with horror!

1. Spider-Man


Sigh... well, it looks like we'll never again see Spider-Man hold that shield.

A shame too, because his part in the MCU was really heating up... Maybe we can find a way to bring him back...



There we go! Just take off the eyes and voila! Now we have the Amazing Nightmare-Man!

No relation to that spider guy, no siree, just some weirdo who cut eye holes into a suit!

2. Legolas


With the new Lord Of The Rings series coming out, there has to be some change.

This is your grandpa's Legolas, we need something new, something fresh, something like...



There we go!

Now he looks chic, he looks modern and considering he's still played by Orlando Bloom, girls will still totally want to put posters of him on their wall.

3. Dumbledore


Hm... Sure, Dumbledore looks alright with the beard and the long hair, iconic maybe.

But I wonder if there's a way we can make him appeal to the millennials in the audience...



Now that's a guy you could go and get a Venti Iced Skinny Hazelnut Macchiato with Sugar-Free Syrup and an Extra Shot, Light Ice, No Whip with!

Call up the Harry Potter people!

4. Doc Brown


Sure, you Back To The Future purists might think Doc Brown looks like the perfect mad scientist with his wacky puffed out hair, but maybe he could look like... hm...

Someone who reads slam poetry?


And also writes it, too!

Yes, throw that hair back into a man bun, then you and Doc Brown can write on your Tinders how you enjoy hiking, but never actually go on one.

5. The Joker


See, the Joker is supposed to be a tortured character that strikes fear into the hearts of everyone who comes across him, hence the wrinkled, scarred up face.

But what if he was an Instagram model?

Much better!


Much better! Now we can get him to hock some of our low-rate diet juice and cheap makeup on his account!

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6. Voldemort


Voldemort, admittedly, looks pretty scary and villainous with his snakelike appearance.

It's fitting too, considering he's the poster boy for Slytherin. But we need him to be hunkier, so we can get the Loki lovers crowd...

Ah, perfect.


Not the hunkiest hunk in the hunk bunch, but there will definitely be someone on the internet convinced that they can "change him".

Sure, he might be the all-powerful destined destroyer of good, but you're just so nice!

7. Jack Sparrow


Jack Sparrow might look the part of a pirate, sure, but there's something missing here...

What if he ever wants to go out to the club and get hit on?

There we go!


Throw a couple of hours in with a straightener and you've got the picture of beauty!

My, my, Mr. Sparrow, you just have to let me know what your secret is!