10+ Beauty Trends We're Happy To Leave In 2020

Listen, beauty is subjective. We won't all agree on everything. But I think we can all agree that some trends should be left in the dust, right?

From bold lips to over-defined brows, these trends do not to follow us into 2021.

Lash extensions.

Unsplash | engin akyurt

If you're a fan, don't be too offended. Lash extensions are fine, they're just not realistic to maintain in a pandemic world, you know? Opt for false lashes, or magnetic lashes.


No one has time to do their makeup anymore, let alone a full contouring moment. Put down the contour powder and opt for more natural makeup looks for 2021.

Jeffree Star everything.

Sorry, but we are leaving Jeffree in 2020. His many scandals have finally caught up to him, and his recent releases have not been well-recieved. Time to leave him where he belongs: in the past.

VIbrant blush.

Unsplash | Liz Breygel

We're very much in the "natural beauty" part of the beauty trend cycle, so bold looks aren't as trendy right now. Go for a more delicate blush look.

Bold lips.

I mean, we just don't need bold lips right now. Why? Because we're all in masks, of course. What's the point of a bold lip when it's just going to get smeared on the inside of your mask?

Perfect brows.

Overly-defined brows are absolutely out. Let your brows sit more naturally, don't carve them out with concealer, and don't over-groom them. Natural brows are definitely back in.

Too much highlighter.

We're moving away from really bold, dramatic looks for our everyday makeup, which means over-highlighting is definitely out. I feel like that trend somehow survived into 2020, but I doubt it'll make it to 2021.

Over-drawing lips.

It's finally time to leave this trend in the past, partly thanks to masks. The other part? It's just so obvious that you've overdrawn your lips, guys. Unless you're a drag queen, it might be time to stop.

The full face of makeup.

2020 killed a lot of beauty trends, including a full face of makeup. A full face of makeup just looks so out of place these days. Natural is where it's at.

Super smokey eyes.

Bold eyes are definitely in, since eyes are the focus with a mask on. However, dark, grey smokey eyes are definitely out. It's a pretty dated look — no one needs raccoon eyes.

Cut creases.

We've had our time with cut creases, and it's over now. After dominating beauty trends and showing up on beauty influencers everywhere, it's finally time to let the cut crease rest.

Powder in general.

Unsplash | Joanna Kosinska

Our shift towards more natural-looking beauty means cream and liquid products are taking center stage. Lip stains and cream blushes are the future right now, and cake face is out.

Quarantine hair.

This one is more of a wish than anything else. Wouldn't it be great if we never had to give ourselves at-home haircuts again? I'm manifesting that vaccine, guys.

Chunky highlights.

Everyone on TikTok is on this chunky highlight trend. Having lived through this in the early 2000s, I can guarantee it's going to look dated very quickly.

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