Ozzy Osbourne Celebrates His 72nd Birthday

There are few celebrities as iconic, as influential as Ozzy Osbourne. His hair, his style and his voice have all made him an unforgettable fixture in rock n' roll history. To be fair, there are also few celebrities as frightening to small children!

Ozzy Osbourne is remembered by too many as a reality TV star when really, he should be remembered as the lead singer of Black Sabbath, and an even better solo artist!

Now, this rock legend is celebrating his 72nd birthday and I believe that is cause for celebration!

The Osbourne name is one of the most recognizable in Hollywood. The Osbourne family was the rock n' roll version of Kardashian's. JUST KIDDING, please don't send me hate mail!

What I meant was, the whole family is famous and starred in a reality TV show together!

What family didn't gather around the TV every week to watch Ozzy yell "Shaaaaaaaarrrrrooooon" into the abyss? The fashion was almost as extreme as the way they all bickered with each other non-stop!

Your own family felt almost normal compared to this rowdy bunch!

Before Ozzy was a reality TV star/ Sharon Osbourne's husband, he was the lead singer of the legendary metal group, Black Sabbath... well, before he was kicked out, of course.

Even though Black Sabbath is known for being the pioneers of metal music, I actually much preferred Ozzy's solo career. His 12 solo albums can confirm many fans feel the same way I do!

Is it controversial to say I prefer Ozzy as a solo act? Who cares?! It's his birthday — let him have this!

And besides, "Crazy Train" is one of my all-time favorite songs, and you're lying to yourself if you claim to not feel the same!

In addition to his successful music career, Ozzy has also had one of the most successful Hollywood marriages. He's married to wife Sharon Osbourne since 1982!

Of course, fans will know the pair have three children together — daughters Kelly and Aimee, and son Jack.

However, did you know Ozzy has three other children from his first marriage? No better time than a birthday to find out fun facts like this!

Ozzy has always been open about his personal life, including his struggles with substance abuse.

He is one of the original rockers who actually talked about the aftermath of the crazy, '80s glam rock lifestyle.

As much as I'd dream of being a groupie back then, I see now it WASN'T MY DESTINY!

There's no denying Ozzy has had a large impact in both pop culture and in music. He essentially invented heavy metal *and* reality TV! It's clear why he is such a legend!

We're excited to wish Ozzy a happy 72nd birthday and hope he keeps on rocking for a long time coming!

What is your favorite Black Sabbath song? Or do you much prefer his solo career like I do? Let us know in the comments below!

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