Thousands Of People Sign Petition To Cancel Sia's Controversial Film After Backlash

One of the best ways to get your voice heard in the world of media is to create or sign petitions. When they get enough signatures, they can be a powerful force to communicate how the general public feels about an issue, whether it's something like a controversial movie star's involvement in a film, dedication to keeping film traditions alive, or simply wanting stars to branch out in their style.

Sia is facing a petition against her upcoming film, Music.

Musician Sia recently came under fire for her upcoming film, *Music*.

The film follows a young autistic girl name Music, but there was much controversy surrounding the casting of non-autistic actress Maddie Ziegler in the role.

Sia defended her decision to do so, stating that it would be "cruel, not kind" to cast an autistic actor in the role.

A petition has now been created and signed by over 5000 people to stop the movie's release.

The petition argues that the film's release will do more harm than good for the autistic community.

"Stereotypes are used throughout the trailer, and the visuals are nauseating to autistic people who would’ve wanted to see the film," writes the petition's creator on the page.

"As an autistic individual, I am asking that this film is canceled."

"It is extremely offensive to myself and other autistic individuals. Sia has shown no remorse for her inaccurate and hurtful betrayal of the community. This film will not have a major impact on history," the description reads.

"Canceling it will express that intolerance to neurodivergence is unacceptable in today’s society."

"Sia and her associates have additional avenues for funds; they will survive even if no money is made from this film," they end.

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