Thousands Of Fans Sign Petition To Stop Jennifer Lopez From Wearing Green Dresses

There are some moments in pop culture history that are just iconic. Lady Gaga wearing a dress made of meat to the MTV Music Awards, either of the royal weddings, the taking and posting of Ellen DeGeneres' famous 'Oscar Selfie' — the list goes on!

One of the most iconic pop culture moments came as a result of Jennifer Lopez' fashion sense, and she won't let us forget it!

At the 2000 Grammy Awards, Jennifer Lopez showed up in a dress that shocked audiences.

The dress, which was a green Versace number with a pluuuunging neckline and a leafy print, was the absolute talk of the pop culture world. So many people wanted to see the dress for themselves that the sheer amount of people Googling it lead to the creation of Google Image Search.

Since then, J. Lo has obviously taken a few opportunities to remind us of her impact.

Jennifer has appeared in similar cuts, fabrics, and styles of dresses on various occassions as callbacks and references to the stunning look from 2000, even as recently as this year.

Some fans, however, have decided that they are over the dress.

Some fans are demanding an end to the references.

A petition titled Stop Jennifer Lopez And That Green Dress has popped up on Change.Org and has already garnered over 3 thousand signatures from fans who have had enough of the iconic look and think that it's time for Jennifer to move on.

"For many years we as a society have been terrorized by Ms. Jennifer Lopez and her green dress which she wore at the 42nd Grammy Awards ceremony on February 23, 2000," the petition reads.

"A group of people recognized it as a significant pop culture moment and it all went to Ms. Lopez's head seeing that she reminded us of it and re-wore it for 20 straight years. We are tired and her terrorism needs to stop."

However, many J.Lo fans are defending her.

After all, why should she stop wearing something that looks so good on her that she obviously likes?

Where do you fall on this story? Should Jennifer let the moment go, or should she just wear whatever she wants? Let us know in the comments!