14+ People Who Didn’t Get What They Paid For

We all like to get what we pay for. However, in today's society, a lot of us can find that this simple right has been taken away from us.

So, to shine a light on some of the most egregious examples of this, here are some people who really didn't get what they paid for.

Looking At The Wrong "Camera"!

This unfortunate person explained the story behind this picture as, "So a couple years ago I paid $40 to meet Tom Felton. I thought that an umbrella on the opposite side of the room was the camera, and this is the result of the picture."

"Yes honey I paid $15 for this guitar."

Wow, I have been in many situations where I could have done with this service. Dear God, it would have saved me a lot of arguments.

"Won a bet against my boss nearly a year ago. Came into work to see that he finally paid pennies."

Look, so they technically got exactly what they were owed, but it cost them a lot of time presumably!

"Bought my daughter a gaming chair..."

Well, at least you can now have the gaming chair for yourself I guess? Although, it might be a little small.

"When the perfume you bought your wife for Christmas ends up in the toilet as 'air freshener.'"

Ah, my partner loves the fragrances from Ajax Spray 'n' Wipe, they really do come up with some unique blends of odors!

"Paid $125 for window seat."

I would actually kind of like that, a darkened little corner to sit in and fall asleep. I hate flying so would want to be in my own little dingy world.

"Hoo boy!"

Well, I'm torn with this one as to whether that screw up technically falls under the umbrella of what they were actually paying for?

"Bought XL tank tops from Walmart so they're not skin tight, this is not what I expected."

This guy looks like what happens when you max out a character's strength stats on a video-game, but then don't have enough currency to buy better equipment.

"Friend paid to get a nice family portrait done..."

When you pay for a professional photographer, you pay for them to capture those perfect little moments!

"Bought a cat tower online that turned out to be much smaller than expected. Trevor is still trying to be appreciative though."

It looks like his little face is trying to say, "Hey, thanks so much...I really love it!" through a forced smile.

"This lobster roll cost $34. Banana for scale."

Wow, and on a regular, cheap hotdog bun, that's some fresh nonsense right there!

"Trying to clean a wooden bridge in The Netherlands."

"Yeah, we're not paying you for this."

"Well, that seems unreasonable. You wanted me to clean it, and the pieces that have broken off are clean."

"Son told me the music box he bought at goodwill started playing at 3am, and now he thinks it's haunted. Walked into the spare bedroom to this."

This presents wonderful opportunities to mess with this kid. All they need to do is buy an identical one, burn this one with their son, then put the replica outside their room one night playing music in the darkness.

"Got a sandwich stuck in a vending machine. Bought a drink to push the sandwich. Damn."

Never try to outwit a vending machine. They are human's natural predators and are wise to all of our tricks.

"A lovely note. Happened to me once, I can relate."

As someone who has also been on the receiving end of this kind of selfish crap, I can sympathize with this person's fury!

"I could never game because of my toddler son so I finally bought a play pen."

If a toddler really wants to get past that barrier, then they will find a way. They're wily creatures.

"I paid $50 for this haircut."

There are few things that can make you feel so uniquely crushed quite like a truly abysmal haircut!

"My dad kept insisting the lighter he bought was a Zippo."

Well, I mean, there is not exactly a more damning piece of evidence that this isn't a Zippo.

"My mother bought a swing set from Amazon... She said this one cost $17 the other one was $22."

At least the person who got their cat a house that was too small could still get the cat into it technically, I'd like to see any human fit into this swing!

"And the award for worst seats you paid for goes to this guy. Seen at the Charlotte Checkers game."

The person who posted this went on to say that he didn't once complain, and added quite inexplicably, "I was behind him the entire game. He did not give [one] f**k. Made no sense to me."