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Stylist Shares Before-And-After Photos That Show The Power Of A Good Haircut

We all know that beauty isn't everything. After all, it does fade away in time. But it's true that when you look good, you feel good.

When you look in the mirror and like what you see, you get a boost to your confidence, and that is important. Yevgeny Zhuk is one talented stylist who does that and more for women from all walks of life.

Yevgeny Zhuk has been working in the beauty industry from a young age.

Since then, he has amassed a team of talented helpers. Together they work tirelessly to help beautify thousands of women. Their beauty transformations are simply something to see.

Zhuk was born in Brest, Belarus, and started his working career there.

Having worked in his hometown for a few years, he realized he wasn't progressing fast enough. So, he had to make a bold decision and decided to move to Moscow.

All that determination to make his dream come true meant that at one point, Zhuk was even working three jobs.

He was dead-set on improving his skills at any cost. And all that hard work eventually paid off when he was able to open his salon.

In addition to Zhuk.Studio, where he works on beauty transformations, he also opened up a spa called La Lubie.

Zhuk has even won numerous awards for his skills and has hosted a handful of TV shows focused on beauty transformations.

And, guess what? Zhuk was even a model at one point in his career, too.

Aren't we talking about a man on a mission? His extensive knowledge of the TV industry has helped him with all this current fantastic success.

Even though Zhuk has been a fixture in the beauty industry and on TV, he likes to keep his life pretty private.

He's been married to a model, Anastasia Belochkina, since 2019, and they live happily together with their child.

Zhuk's life philosophy is to live life to the max, and he is doing that and more.

He often shares the before-and-after pictures of his clients' makeovers on his or his studio's Instagram feed. There, you can see how amazing he makes his clients look.

I bet it's such a great feeling to help people feel good about themselves through the work that Zhuk does.

It's apparent that he really cares about his clients' needs and works hard to ensure that they leave his salon satisfied.

I can't get over some of these makeovers.

Check out this beautiful lady. Doesn't she look stunning here? Not only does her face look so refreshed, but I'm blown away by her hair. It's as if she got a new lease on life.

Honestly, if I didn't know it, I wouldn't even realize this was the same person.

What a dramatic change here, huh? This lady looks like she lost years off her look. Do you agree with me? Now, she looks like she could be a TV anchor.

I bet clients come from all over the world to see Zhuk and his team.

After all, he is one talented stylist, and that's for sure. What he can do with the right haircut, color, and makeup is nothing short of amazing.

Even if I knew this lady, I don't think I could recognize her if I passed her on the street.

Her whole face lights up after this incredible makeover, and her hair is magnificent here. She looks so divine.

Wow, I think this is one of the best, huh?

Can you believe what you see here? This woman's hair looked pretty dry and frizzy – she needed a lot of help. And she got the right treatment that she needed, no?

Oh my goodness, how much do you love this cute haircut?

Even though I enjoy my long hair, I would consider getting something as fun as this. I think this look suits this lady's facial features much better than her previous look.

Speaking of shorter hairdos, what do you think of this transformation?

I love it too. This lady went from looking pretty plain to absolutely fantastic. I think she must have been smiling all the way home. What's your take on it?

Check out the change in this lady's eyes.

After her transformation, they literally pop here. It's the kind of eye makeup I would like to master one day. I know, wishful thinking, ha, ha! I could never be as good as Zhuk.

How about this makeover?

I think this beautiful lady still looks very natural, but now she's more polished. And the smile on her face says it all. She must be thrilled with the way she looks now after this transformation.

Wow, doesn't this woman look so fierce here?

I can't get over how stunning her make up looks. I hope she has a hot date or a great event to attend after this powerful makeover. She's ready to take on anything.

Have you ever wanted to go blonde?

I did a long time ago, and when I took the plunge, it was fun. It might be true when they say that "blondes have more fun." I certainly had a lot of it when I was blonde, ha, ha!

Isn't this lady so beautiful?

I love how Zhuk can capture everyone's personality in the makeovers that he does. From the looks of it, he treats his clients with so much care it shows in their after pictures. Do you agree?

Everyone deserves to be confident. Am I right?

As I said before, looks may not be everything but looking great does wonders for your self-esteem. This lady got the best gift of a makeover she could ever get, and it shows.

There's nothing wrong with going makeup-free.

I do it all the time. I've got to admit that. But how great you feel when you check yourself in the mirror is also quite important. You can say that again about this makeover.

What do you think of these beauty transformations? Aren't they absolutely stunning?

I'm completely impressed with Zhuk and his team's work, I've got to admit it. I only wish that he was closer so he can work on my looks, hee, hee!

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