Sharon Osbourne Says Jennifer Lopez’s AMAs Performance 'Went A Little Too Far'

Jennifer Lopez's Sunday night AMAs performance is getting a lot of attention on social media. People can't decide if it's iconic, inappropriate, or worst of all — STOLEN!

Essentially, the internet is doing what the internet does best!

Now, the ladies of The Talk are weighing in on J-Lo's steamy performance, and if she copied another iconic artist while on stage.

In case you missed it, Jennifer Lopez and Colombian artist Maluma gave a steamy performance on Sunday night's American Music Awards.

The pair performed their duets, "Pa' Ti + Lonely" and got the internet a FLUTTER!

Unsurprisingly, J-Lo and Maluma's performance got mixed reviews.

While many fans were obsessed with it and saw it for the piece of ART it was, a bunch of Facebook viewers were absolutely raging about it!

People thought it wasn't super "family-friendly" even though it was airing on a late-night award show but, OKAY!

"Jennifer i think you're a great artist but you show too much everytime you make a show ...It's Time to have respect for yourself and your husband..." wrote one fan.

"Halfway thru the show and so far all I’ve seen is bumping and grinding from the performers. Ridiculous! At the beginning your host said to stop ... leave the stage... it’s a FAMILY SHOW... uh, it only got worse!!" another angry viewer wrote.

The rant continued: "Very disappointed. And mostly by women... who will turn around tomorrow and be surprised that men consider them as sex objects! Don’t like the stereotyping?? ... quit acting like one!"

"I fast forwarded the rest. And not much variety of music... almost all rap."

In addition to the *steamy* performance critiques, a LOT of people online were comparing it to Beyoncé's iconic 2014 "Drunk In Love" performance at the Grammys.

The stage design, costume, choreography, and hairstyling were all reminiscent of the now-infamous Queen Bey performance.

A lot of people have been talking about the similarities, including the ladies of *The Talk*!

Cohost Elaine Welteroth spoke on behalf of Beyoncé fans everywhere and essentially said "absolutely not!"

"I got to speak on behalf of the Beyhive, cause I am a card-carrying member of the Beyhive, unapologetically," Elaine began.

"I love JLo too, don’t get me wrong," she clarified.

"But, I think as a cultural icon, it is your responsibility to be aware of cultural references, and that is one of the most iconic performances and looks of recent history…" she continued.

"That was 6 years ago, we remember that…I mean it’s too close for comfort and I’m not surprised by the backlash."

However, fellow *The Talk* cohost, Sharon Osbourne, had a different take on the comparison, speaking from her own experience with husband Ozzy.

"Her performance was great. Her performances always are great. But you know, when you saw the cross of lighting her face, Ozzy’s been doing that for years."

"Hold on, did Ozzy create that? No. I stole it from someone else. You know, that’s the way it goes," she explained.

"But I think she went a little too far on the Beyoncé thing, but listen, her performance was great, but I think we all steal," she concluded.

I think the true guilt for "stealing" comes from J-Lo's creative team that choreographed and styled the performance!

What did you think of the performance? Let us know in the comments below!

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