Thrifty DIYer Holds Viral Giveaway After Scoring A 'Dream' Wedding Dress From Goodwill

There are a number of social media influencers who use their platforms and followings to spread kindness.

One of those influencers just happens to be the thrifty DIYer, Cait from the Instagram and TikTok accounts @caitconquers.

After finding a gorgeous wedding dress at a local Goodwill, she decided to put the word out to help a bride in need.

Odds are, you've seen Caitlyn's videos around.

She's gone viral a ton of times for her amazing thrift flips! We've written about her before — she's so talented, and can truly sew magic into her new clothes.

She posted about a very special dress on her TikTok account...

She was browsing a Goodwill in Hawaii when she came across a gorgeous wedding gown.

Now, seeing a wedding gown at Goodwill is nothing new. But this one had a little something special on it.

It had a note on it!

Whoever donated the dress donated it to spread the love to someone else!

Caitlyn loved the message so much that she went back to see the dress again and again, until she finally couldn't take it anymore.

So, she bought it.

With the discounts offered by Goodwill, she picked up this dress for $11.99. Yup, $11.99 for a dress that is absolutely filled with love and good energy.

However, Caitlyn doesn't intend to keep the dress.

She's already happily married. Instead, she believes that this dress is truly someone's dream dress, and she wants to get it into the right hands. So, she has a challenge for social media:

Find this dress an owner!

"Do you know someone who needs this? Someone who got sucker punched by 2020, or just a really cool as hell person who could use it?"

She said she's no big influencer.

But that she wants to give back and do something good for someone else. Her challenge: duet her and tell her why you (or someone you know) deserve the dress!

The dress is in great shape.

It's a size 10, and it's beautiful!

Here's the video she shared with the publicly visible duets. She also allowing people to leave comments to enter, since not everyone wants to make their own video of themselves!

So, who will the dress go to?

Caitlyn has a lot of entries, so you should pop over to her TikTok and leave a heart next to the comment you like best, or the duet you like the most!