Seamstress Transforms Thrift Store Finds Into Stunning Creations

Have you met Caitlyn? Because you really must.

Caitlyn is a seamstress who will blow your mind with her thrift flipping talents. She takes old garments and not only makes them new, but actually often turns them into something else entirely.

She truly is one of the queens of thrift flipping. Let's see what cute things she's conquered so far!

She can turn anything into something wearable.

For example: this amazing yellow sundress was actually a vintage sheet that she ordered off of Poshmark. She's very into turning older sheets into clothing. Honestly, it works!

She somehow made a top for this dress out of the dress itself.

The goal here was not to lose a lot of the length when she went about it. Her top design was inspired by a dress Taylor Swift wore to the 2020 Golden Globes. NAILED IT.

Seriously, she can do anything with a dress.

The original dress is on the left. She removed the neckpiece (don't worry, she saved it for another project) and cut the bottom off to fashion a cute AF cape!

This dress caused an uproar on TikTok.

Apparently, a lot of people were mad she took the peacock appliqué off. Um, I'm personally not seeing the problem there. The new dress is much simpler, and those sleeves are darling.

I think we can all agree this is an upgrade.

That first dress...wow. I guess Ms. Trunchbull from Matilda would dig it. Luckily, Caitlyn decided to give it a major update. Now it's a really cute summer dress!

A two-piece was a must.

Dresses are great, but sometimes a two-piece is just necessary. That dress was begging to be made into a crop top! She actually installed a pair of shorts under the skirt, too. Smart.

I think it's fair to say she specializes in modernizing some truly tragic '80s pieces.

I mean, look at that before! The bow, the fabric, the length! So much of it had to go. Luckily, she found another use for the bow, and now it's a cute dress that has some '50s vibes.

She's also experimented with dip-dyeing.

That's when you actually quite literally dip a piece of cloth into dye. This amazing dress was dip-dyed a sweet pink. The dark magenta at the bottom is just what it looks like wet — the waves got to her!

I would have kept the slippers, personally.

How cute is this transformation? That shirt was totally fine as-is, but it needed some Caitlyn charm. Adding in that black bottom to the skirt was a genuinely inspired choice.

Finally, a use for Lularoe clothes!

The notorious alleged MLM brand has some real stinkers in their collection. Caitlyn has made it a personal project to make some of their stuff more wearable. Okay, Mama! That looks smokin' on you!

Sometimes, all it takes is some good tailoring.

Since she liked the dress as it was, Caitlyn decided to make some very minor tweaks. She took the dress apart, cut it into a more flattering shape, and then just sewed it back together!

She and her kids celebrated a very special Disney day at home.

Dapper Day is an annual event at the Disney Parks where everyone attends dressed up in their throwback best. Caitlyn made the white part of her dress out of a sheet. Respect.

This is her first dress made totally from scratch!

I'm guessing that means she went pattern-less, which is crazy — This looks like a professional design! I'm nuts about those criss-crossing straps. Her work is so beautiful!

Hi, tropical moment!

Honestly, Hawaiian print is so gorgeous. This oversized dress was a bit too dated, so Caitlyn did her thing and turned it into a vintage, tropical moment! I'm a huge fan.

This was a maternity dress!

All she did was cinch the waist with a belt and repair an errant strap. Sometimes, all you need to do is fix some little things to give a dress new life.

This one has a little secret.

"This dress is missing a button that I really should replace. But I’m lazy and trying to just cover it with a belt," she said.

Your secret is safe with all of us!

She managed to do this makeover on the road.

Now, how she did it is beyond me. She turned that long dress into a sweet romper, which is perfect for summer! Bonus points for the adorable headband.

Those shoulder pads just had to go.

The '80s sure were a thing, huh? Caitlyn had a really big challenge ahead of her when she took this one on. She had to take down the shoulder pads, ruffles, and even ties in the back to get this one to work.

She's also a big hit on Tik Tok.

TikTok | @caitconquers

Her TikTok is full of adorable videos of her quick transformations! This cute dress had a pretty conservative top, so she cut the arms off and added the lace to the sleeves!

One of her TikToks featured 60 of her dresses.

Tik Tok | @caitconquers

Including this hilarious renaissance number. I don't know if she tailored or changed this at all, but there was no way I wasn't including it. The blue velvet! Come on. Iconic.

This dress is a stunt.

TikTok | @caitconquers

Can we not sleep on this incredible dress? It's a gorgeous, stretchy material with glitter all over it! Again, not sure if she changed it, but oh my god, what a dress.

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