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People Are Turning Their Chickens Into Santa Cluck With Festive Santa Hats

Those among us who have chickens often feel like they're part of the family. They're super cute and hilarious, much like any family pet, except in some ways they're actually more valuable than, say, a dog or a cat. Why? Because they work and basically earn their keep. (I've been trying to explain this concept to my dog, but she just rolls over in her plush bed and goes right back to snoring.)

So, we've been thinking, there's no reason why our chickens should be left out the the Christmas festivities.

Apparently, we aren't alone, because there are actual Santa hats for chickens, and they're cluckin' adorable.

Chickens are getting to enjoy some Christmas cheer.

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These little handmade hats are skyrocketing in popularity just in time for all of the upcoming Christmas celebrations.

They come in various forms, like this one that's covered in sparkles for the fancy chickens.

This hat is for the Mariah Carey of chicks who knows no festive season is complete without some bling. All this chicken wants for Christmas is this hat, am I right?

We're so eggcited for these hats.

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While most of these hats follow tradition in red with a white pompom and trim, customers can make requests to have their chicken hats customized.

Some will even make matching accessories to complete your chicken's outfit and have them ready to be the stars of the holiday parties.

Seriously, though, if you're going to order accessories for your chicken and have her be the centre of attention, please invite me to the party.

There are also crochet varieties for the more down-to-earth chick.

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Some chickens just aren't in it for the flash, you know? These are birds who are a little more understated and don't even like to be praised for their prize eggs. For these chickens, might we suggest a more discreet crochet Santa hat?

This hat says: I'm no diva. I'm just a hard working gal who likes to roost and relax after a long, hard day, but I can still get down around the holidays.

And that's OK.

This may be the perfect gift for the chicken in your life.

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Prices vary on these adorable hats, but they're usually around $10 each. Some have already sold out, however, so we suggest you order yours soon before they all fly the coop.

If you think that these hats are as incredibly cute as we do, let us know in the comments and don't forget to pick up a hat for the little animal (or animals) in your life.

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