10+ Times Paul Rudd Proved He Is The Most Charming Man In Hollywood

If you were to randomly poll a hundred people, asking them "who is the most charming man in Hollywood?" undoubtedly you'd find Paul Rudd's name firmly atop the list.

He's become a household name for his hilarious sense of humor, his charisma, and of course — his charm!

Take a look and check out these 10+ times Paul Rudd proved he is the most charming man in Hollywood!

1. His ongoing *Mac And Me* prank with Conan O'Brien.

YouTube | Team CoCo

It all started when Paul made an appearance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien in order to promote the final episode of Friends.

When Conan cut to play the clip, a scene from Mac and Me played in its place.

For more than a decade, every time Conan O'Brien tries to play a clip from one of Paul's movies, it ends up being the same hilarious scene from *Mac And Me*.

Think about it for a second. Paul cares more about the legacy of some brilliantly stupid gag than he does about promoting his own films.

That's not just charm — that's integrity, folks.

2. When he celebrated the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory.

Paul was there to support his home team for every single playoff game.

He celebrated on the field with Tight End Travis Kelce after the AFC Championship Game and was doing snow angels in a sea of yellow and red confetti after the Super Bowl.

3. His wickedly NSFW children's song with James Corden.

There aren't many people who could get away with making obvious sexual innuendos under the guise of a children's show.

I feel like if anyone but Paul Rudd did this, it would immediately go from being funny to just straight creepy.

4. The time he snuck into the Kansas City Royals' locker room to celebrate their World Series victory.

As you can see, Paul was ready to soak it all in. He admits during the interview that he shouldn't have been in the locker room, but that he was just so excited to celebrate this historic moment with his team.

5. When Paul showed the world how the entire city of New York would sleep with him for $1.

Paul once ran through the streets of New York, alongside comedian Billy Eichner, in order to answer a single burning question: who would have sex with Paul Rudd for a dollar?

As it turns out, almost everybody.

6. The time Paul walked out on Zach Galfianakis.

Paul's interview on Between Two Ferns is without question one of the best in the series.

Seeing him in a passive-aggressive war of words with Zach was just another reminder of the brilliance of Paul's wit.

7. When he became a certified young person to help spread PPE awareness.

Paul was asked to give a public service announcement by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

In this hilarious two-minute-long video, Paul is speaking directly to his 'fellow Millenials' in an attempt to get them to see the value behind wearing face-masks.

8. The time Paul may or may not have gotten high before an interview with Jason Segel.

A very glossy-eyed Jason Segel and Paul Rudd seemed determined to send this interview off the rails. After several uncontrollable fits of laughter, the pair begin randomly naming movies with the word 'stone' in the title.

What do you think? High or not high?

9. The time Paul found out how much he and Mike Newport have in common.

Mike Newport was a recurring character Paul played on the brilliant mockumentary-style sitcom, Parks and Recreation.

After taking the 'Which Iconic Paul Rudd Character Are You?' quiz, Paul landed on the absent-minded, yet charming politician from Eagleton, Illinois.

10. When he let his guard down during an *Unscripted* conversation with Steve Carell.

Paul spoke from the heart and answered a variety of questions that Steve posed with honesty and thoughtfulness.

For example, it was here we learned of Paul's innate sense of dance and rhythm.

11. The time he ran the *Hot Ones* gauntlet of spice like a champion!

Sean Evans is the undisputed Spice Master of Hollywood. Few, if any celebrity Hot Ones guests have ever outlasted or outshone the host when it comes to the 'Wings of Death.'

But Paul did just that and more. His historic 'Last Dab' was one of the best memes/GIFs of 2019.

12. His tireless devotion to charitable causes.

Back in 2010, Paul Rudd alongside some of Kansas City's most well-known actors co-founded The Big Slick. It's a charitable organization designed to give back and help those who need it most.

Since its inception, Paul has helped raise more than $12 million.

13. When he made Queen and Freddie Mercury proud.

Let's make one thing clear: Paul Rudd is the reason why celebrity lip-sync battles became a thing.

His rendition of the Queen classic "Don't Stop Me Now' will have you singing along and splitting at the sides.

14. The time he showed how willing and eager he is to laugh at himself.

There are countless actors in Hollywood who have become famous for their inability to handle any form of criticism. But not Paul Rudd.

He sat down to read every horrible Ant-Man and the Wasp comment that IGN could throw at him with class and humor.