Paul Rudd Proves He's The Perfect Man By Handing Out Cookies To Voters In Brooklyn

NEWSFLASH, EVERYONE — Paul Rudd has won the Hollywood husband award! He is the man I would pick to marry in these dark, uncertain times!

If you don't know what I'm talking about, just take a look at these amazing tweets from early voters in Brooklyn on Thursday. The dedicated citizens got a visit from Paul Rudd, with MANY DELICIOUS COOKIES IN HAND!

Paul Rudd is best known for being ageless. Seriously, the man has not aged since 2001.

In addition to his fountain of youth, Paul Rudd has unlimited access to early voter's hearts AND delicious cookies from The Milk Bar!

Twitter started blowing up with pics and videos of the 51-year-old, in his COVID-19 getup, handing out delicious cookies to early voters waiting inline IN! THE! RAIN!

The rain in Brooklyn didn't stop the good vibes!

"He might actually be the world’s most perfect man," replied Ellen.

"He looked me in the eye and made sure I was cool with my cookie choice before he moved on," said user @Bowl_of_Worcel. OMIGOSH I LOVE HIM!

"If my wife told me she was leaving me to be with Paul Rudd, I'd be like, 'Yeah, I can see that. Say hi to him for me.'" joked user @DavidPetroff.

Apparently, Paul was handing out blueberry and corn cookies which are famously two of the BEST flavours from The Milk Bar.

A genuinely kind act filled with good intentions and sweets?! We love to see it!

If this isn't an incentive to go out and VOTE, I don't know what is!

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