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Dog Named Drools Finally Finds Forever Home After 729 Days At Shelter

In the constant debate between "kill" and "no-kill" shelters, many people wonder what happens if an animal is just never adopted.

The answer is: they stay in the shelter's care until they can find a perfect home, regardless of how long it takes. Of course, shelter life has its own difficulties, but staff and volunteers do everything they can to enrich the animals' lives while they wait, all while also doing everything they can to find that forever home.

A lot of dogs who linger at shelters end up being those with more difficult adoption requirements.

That's the case with Drools, a pit bull-boxer mix who was in the care of the Conour Animal Shelter - Upper Rio Grande Animal Society for more than 700 days.

Pit bulls get a bad rap, so the deck was already stacked against Drools' in that respect, but he also had some very specific adoption requirements.

Though generally good with most humans, Drools takes time to warm up to new people.

He's not great with other animals, though, so would need a home without other pets. Thankfully, he had got his basic house training and commands figured out, but would need more help with things like socialization.

Staff at the shelter made it their mission to get Drools as ready for adoption as possible, while getting his story out on social media in hopes of finding the perfect human.

That social media campaign was exactly what was needed and now Drools has a forever home!

Josh Simpson was traveling from Texas to Colorado when he stumbled across a post about Drools and immediately called the shelter to inquire. He adjusted his route for a meet-and-greet with Drools right away.

After another meet-up and all the official adoption work, Drools went to his new home on November 4, after 729 days in the shelter.

He's also been gifted with a new name: Monte.

Thanks to the social media blitz, Monte had been sent plenty of donated toys, beds, and supplies, which all went with him to his new home.

Additionally, the good press has resulted in the shelter being able to find homes for three more long-time residents and establish a more robust network of foster families for those still waiting.

h/t: Fox 35, Conour Animal Shelter - Upper Rio Grande Animal Society

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