6 Of Trump's Cases Challenging Absentee Ballots Tossed Out By Pennsylvania Judges

Two Pennsylvania judges have tossed out a combined six cases from Trump's re-election campaign challenging absentee ballots in the battleground state which ultimately cemented President-elect Joe Biden's projected victory.

As CNN reported, Judge James Crumlish of Philadelphia County’s Court of Common Pleas ruled in five related cases, while Judge Richard Haaz of the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas ruled in a separate, sixth case.

In total, the six petitions from the Trump campaign sought to scrap nearly 9,000 absentee ballots, insisting they were invalid because the outer envelopes lacked names, dates, or addresses.

On Friday, Judge Crumlish of Philadelphia said the campaign couldn't invalidate those 8,329 ballots it alleged were improper, and ruled that those votes should be processed and counted.

Likewise, in Montgomery County, Judge Haaz determined the 592 mail-in ballots the Trump campaign also sought to invalidate should be counted as well.

As Haaz said in his ruling, state law didn't require voters to fill out the address sections on the envelopes.

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In fact, he added, the instructions on the ballot didn’t even explicitly tell them that they must fill them out.

“Voters should not be disenfranchised by reasonably relying upon voting instructions provided by election officials,” the judge wrote, as per CNN.

The Trump campaign has also lost similar challenges in Michigan and Arizona this week. The POTUS lost both states to Joe Biden during the election.

Also on Friday, Port Wright Morris & Arthur, the law firm challenging the election results in Pennsylvania on Trump's behalf, withdrew from a federal lawsuit.

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This was after an Arizona law firm representing the Republican party while it challenged election results did the same.

"Cancel Culture has finally reached the courtroom," Tim Murtaugh, the campaign's communication director, said in a statement, as per The New York Times. "Leftist mobs descended upon some of the lawyers representing the president's campaign and they buckled."

h/t: CNN, The New York Times

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