Quotes For When You're A Pro At Stumping The 'Find My Phone' App

My ability to find and lose things is rather...unique. Or maybe that's hyperbole and everyone else has this issue too, but never talks about it.

You see, I'm actually pretty good at not losing things. I'm fairly organized, and working on getting even more organized as I redecorate and reno my house.

I also am not a person who habitually loses things, like pens.

People are always shocked when I'm using an expensive pen and say things like, "I would just lose it!"

My argument is that if you had a pen that was actually decent, you'd be more careful. No one, not even me, cares if they lose track of a 50-cent BiC.

However, I have a habit — dare I say *talent* — for misplacing things I "put in a safe place."

For example, we hired movers when we bought my current house, because my partner at the time was going to be out of town that weekend. There was no way to reschedule anything, so bringing in movers made things easier on my end.

I distinctly remember taking my mother's old engagement ring out of my jewelry box — it's the only piece worth anything — and putting it somewhere "safe" where thieves wouldn't look.

Yeah, I haven't seen that ring since the move.

Sure, there is a slight chance that it was lost in the move (stolen, dropped, or otherwise), but more than likely, it's buried somewhere in one of the many boxes still piled in the spider-infested basement.

If I'd left it in the jewelry box, it would probably still be there today.

What can I say? It's a special talent of mine.

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