10+ Hilariously Honest Reviews Of Famous Movies

I put a lot of stock into reviews. I think that hearing what others have to say about your favorite movies often gives you a new perspective — both good and bad.

For this list, I've chosen to focus on the latter. Why? Because it's so much funnier that way! Have a chuckle at these 10+ hilariously honest reviews of famous movies.

*Once Upon A Time In Hollywood* is the perfect example of why you should never walk out on a movie.

Had this person simply stayed the course, they would have discovered the proverbial bloodbath that awaited them in the film's final ten minutes.

This review makes a good point about *Taken 3*.

Once is happenstance. Twice is a coincidence. But three times? That's what they call a pattern.

I'm inclined to agree: Liam Neeson's character in Taken is a terrible terrible father.

You have to admit it, Kevin really does torture the Wet Bandits in *Home Alone 2 Lost In New York*.

In the first film, it's mostly childish mischief with a few minor exceptions. In the sequel, any one of those traps would have killed either Harry or Marv.

I love a good pun and this shot at *The Invisible Man* is just too good to pass up.

This kind of sounds like an old joke my dad used to tell: why did the invisible man turn down the job offer? He couldn't see himself doing it!

I have so many questions after reading this review of *Jaws*.

This is just wild. I'm turning 33 next year and I've seen exactly 0 sharks destroyed by being blown up.

Clearly, I'm lagging behind. I wonder what this person does for a living?

This really seems like *Trolls World Tour* had an uphill battle right from the start.

Why would someone watch it if that was the case, to begin with? And why would he mention the fact that he used to be in law enforcement?

These negative reviews of *Hereditary* just make it seem that much more exciting!

These comments check every single box that I look for in a great horror movie! The bad reviews give the same effect as albums that used to come with a Parental Advisory sticker.

The first 1/3 of *Gangs Of New York* is most definitely not "fine."

Gangs of New York is more than two hours long. You're telling me it took a high school history teacher 40 minutes to figure out that a mistake had been made?

Could *Toy Story* be based on true events?

They talk with such conviction. But how is this person so sure that not all toys are innocent? What happened to them?!

Could it be that this is Sid leaving the review?!

This just ruins *A Quiet Place* for me.

I am more than confident that whoever wrote this review knows what they're talking about. But to let this one admittedly tiny inaccuracy tank your entire experience? That seems a little dramatic.

As a matter of fact, *Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope* was filmed in the '70s!

I can't decide what would be funnier: finding out that this review was meant to be a joke or discovering that it was an honest proclamation.

I personally think the original Star Wars trilogy holds up nicely, but I admit my bias.

Imagine the nerve of giving superheroes superpowers in *Avengers: Endgame*.

If the heroes in the MCU didn't have superpowers, then they'd just be ordinary everyday people — wouldn't they?

How could they possibly stand a chance against Thanos? That'd be a pretty boring movie to watch.

*The Lion King* gets zero points for realism.

Was The Lion King the first Disney movie this person had ever seen in their life? If not, I hope they're as consistent in their criticism when it comes to Cinderella and Bambi.

The hidden politics at work in *Monsters Inc.*.

"Ethical capitalism doesn't exist"? That's a pretty bold statement to make when you're extrapolating concepts from a children's movie.

And are they really exploiting the children? That seems like a bit of a reach.

How do you accidentally order *Bad Times At The El Royale*?

I can't fault this user for their choice in football schools, that much is clear. But why did they even bother to write a review of a movie they clearly haven't seen?