10+ Plot Holes In Famous Movies We Still Aren't Over

Storytelling is a lot like building a house of cards. You need to have a plan, be intentional, and most of all — logical. Otherwise, the entire structure is liable to come crashing down.

Usually, it's the tiniest oversights that end up having the most drastic effect. See what I mean and check out these 10+ plot holes in famous movies we still aren't over.

How is David's computer virus compatible with alien technology in *Independence Day*?

Think of it this way: you can't charge an Android phone with an iPhone charger.

So how does it stand to reason that David would be able to sync his MacBook into an alien hard drive?

Why doesn't *E.T.* just fly away from the government agents?

Seriously — he could fly this entire time? Why on earth wouldn't E.T. have flown right back up into his spaceship? It was maybe 30-feet over his head at most!

How does the T-Rex manage to escape from the boat in *Jurassic Park: The Lost World*?

You're telling me that this leviathan freed itself from its cargo hold, then began perusing about the ship room by room, eating everyone on board?

How is that possible? It's freaking huge!

If the Bifrost was destroyed, how did Thor get back to earth in *The Avengers*?

That was the whole point of the first film! It's possible that Odin could have used the Infinity Gauntlet in his trophy room, I suppose.

Except for wait — it's a fake!

How did Edward manage to get all that ice in *Edward Scissorhands*?

Where did it come from? Did Edward order it wholesale?

Furthermore, at the beginning of the film, Edward couldn't even hold a knife and fork. How could he possibly lift all this ice?

Harry's use of the time-turner in *Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban* seems shortsighted.

So you're telling me that there's a device in the Wizarding World that will allow the wearer to travel backward in time.

Why on earth would Harry not use it to go back in time and stop Voldemort before he killed his parents?

Why didn't Rose move over in *Titanic*?

Selfishness, that's why. Jack's death was completely unnecessary and had Rose just scooched over a few more inches, they both could have survived floating on the door.

Don't believe me? Then see for yourself.

The timeline of *Star Wars: Rogue One* doesn't make sense.

Rogue One immediately leads into the events of A New Hope. So how is it possible that C-3PO and R2D2 could be chatting away in a flight hanger one moment, and then be on board Princess Leia's ship shooting across the galaxy in the very next sequence?

When is it really safe to feed Mogwai in *Gremlins*?

"Don't feed him after midnight" is about as cryptic a description as you can get. First of all, it's always technically "after midnight" somewhere. When does it become OK to feed them again, when the sun is up?

Do timezones factor in at all? I'm just so curious.

Obi-Wan's plan to hide Luke Skywalker in *Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith*.

Obi-Wan gets zero points for originality. His big plan to keep Luke a secret is to fly him to Vader's home planet of Tattooine and leave him with his brother Owen?

I bet Obi-Wan was the kid on the playground who believed he could turn invisible, just by covering his eyes.

How can Mr. Freeze smoke a cigar in *Batman And Robin*?

Mr. Freeze needs to maintain a subzero body temperature, otherwise, he'll overheat and die.

So why on earth would he ever be caught smoking a cigar? Wouldn't it cause his lungs to defrost?

How could the Ewoks have possibly beat the Storm Troopers in *Star Wars: Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi*?

Come on, George Lucas! The Ewoks are cute and everything but they're little more than overgrown teddy bears with sticks!

The finest soldiers the Empire has to offer should have decimated their numbers.

Why doesn't Obi-Wan seem to remember the droids in *Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope*?

One of the first things he says to Luke is how he doesn't recall ever owning a droid. Are you kidding me? Obi-Wan, C-3PO, and R2D2 met all the way in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. They interact multiple times throughout Episode I-III.

Are they pretending or what?!

Why didn't the timeline change when Biff went back to 1955 in *Back To The Future II*?

Let's call Old Biff's timeline, Timeline A. As soon as he goes back to 1955 and gives his younger self the Sports Almanac, Biff created a second timeline which we'll call Timeline B.

When he leaves 1955 to return to 2015, he returned to the original Timeline A instead of B; thus violating the laws of time travel established in the films.

Why doesn't Woody remember *Woody's Roundup*?

Why is it that Buzz can remember Space Command and the evil Emperor Zurg, but Woody has absolutely no recollection of Jesse, Bullseye, or Stinky Pete?

Does he have PTSD or something?