10+ Random Facts About Elon Musk Fans Didn't Know

With a net worth of around $100 billion dollars, Elon Musk is one of the richest people in the entire world.

Musk is best known for being the owner of Tesla, but he's also made a lot of headlines because of his relationship with Grimes. We'll never forget them trolling us over the name of their son.

Here are 10+ random facts about Elon Musk fans didn't know.

He has citizenship in three countries.

While it's not that rare for a person to have dual-citizenship, it's not often that you hear about someone having citizenship in three countries.

Musk was actually born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa, and moved to Canada at the age of 17. He then moved to the United States.

His mother is a model.

While Elon Musk is known for his wealth and inventing and not his good looks, his mother is actually a model.

Maye Musk is also a registered dietician with her own book. She is Canadian and South African and has been on the cover of many magazines.

He has two younger siblings.

Many people might not think about Musk as being a family person, but he actually is the oldest of three.

While you don't hear much about his siblings, his sister, Tosca Musk, is a filmmaker, and his brother owns Kitchen Restaurant Group.

Robert Downey Jr. based Iron Man on Musk.

People around the world know and love billionaire comic book superhero Iron Man, and when Robert Downey Jr. was preparing for the role, he looked to Musk for inspiration.

Given Tony Stark's immense wealth and scientific mind, this makes a lot of sense.

Musk even made an apperance in *Iron Man 2*

Because Musk was a big part of Downey's interpretation of Tony Stark, it's fitting that Musk actually made a brief cameo in Iron Man 2.

Musk has also made appearances as himself on The Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory, and South Park.

He made his first computer game as a pre-teen.

Elon Musk is a big deal in Silicone Valley and the tech world, but he started programming at a young age.

At around 12 years old, he made a space-themed computer game called Blastar and sold it for $500. You can actually still play the game online!

He dropped out of Stanford.

Musk did get two different bachelor degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. Then, he moved to California and was going to Stanford to study Physics.

However, he dropped out after just two days and founded his first company, Zip2 Corporation, instead.

He owns a submarine car from a *Bond* movie.

When you're a billionaire nerd, you can buy pretty much any nerdy item you could imagine.

Musk bought the Lotus submarine car that was used in the 1970s James Bond movie, The Spy Who Loved Me. Now that's the kind of collector's item most of us only dream of!

Some of Tesla's factory robots are named after the X-Men.

Musk has an interest in comic book stories just like many of us less rich people, and he shows his love of nerdy things in fun ways at times.

He revealed that some of the robots in the Tesla factory were named after characters from X-Men including Storm, Wolverine, Xavier, and Iceman.

In college, he ran a nightclub out of his house.

Musk and a roommate decided to live off-campus in a house while at the University of Pennsylvania.

They then started running a nightclub out of their large home and attracted up to 1,000 patrons each night. That's one way to make money!

He once lived on a $1 a day food budget.

When he moved to the United States for college, he set a goal for himself to buy in bulk and only spend about a buck a day on groceries.

He told StarTalk Radio that “I went more for the hotdogs and oranges… [but] you do get really tired of hot dogs and oranges after a while."

Musk has seven sons.

While we've all heard of Musk and Grimes' baby son named X Æ A-12, many people were shocked to discover that Musk actually has six other children, all boys.

He and his first wife, Justine Wilson, had a set of twins and then a set of triplets. Their first son sadly died at just 10 years old.

He named one of his sons after *X-Men*, too.

While naming robots after comic book characters is one thing, it shows that much more commitment and love to the story if you name one of your children after a beloved superhero.

Musk actually named one of his sons with ex-wife Justine Musk after Xavier, aka Professor X, from the X-Men comics.

He resigned from two presidential business councils because of climate change concerns.

Musk originally agred to be on Trump’s Manufacturing Jobs Initiative and the Strategic and Policy Forum, but he ended up resigning from both in protest.

This was after Trump withdrew from the Paris Agreement, and Musk didn't agree with the decision.

He and Grimes actually just call their son "Little X."

While the name these two gave their child is totally ridiculous and no one really knows how to say it, they actually just call him by the simple nickname.

This is also interesting given how Musk already has another son named after Professor X.