10+ Completely Random Facts About Famous Pop Stars

From Justin Bieber to Jennifer Lopez, there are many pop stars that have changed the game and influenced the music industry forever.

While you might know these pop stars for their songs and style, there are some interesting, random, and just plain weird facts about them you might not know. Here are 10+ totally random facts about some of your favorite pop artists.

The Spice Girls got their nicknames from a magazine.

While you might assume the Spice Girls gave themselves their nicknames, they actually came from a random teen magazine called Top of the Pops.

Mel B told Cosmo, "The names stuck, so we went with it!" Who knew?!

Lady Gaga's least favorite song is "Telephone."

Lady Gaga has had many chart-topping hits, and all fans have their favorites and least faves.

However, as for Gaga herself, she can't stand "Telephone." She told Popjustice that, "I hate ‘Telephone’. Is that terrible to say? It’s the song I have the most difficult time listening to."

Chris Martin has degrees in Latin and Greek.

People don't often expect celebrities to have degrees, but many of them do. In fact, tons of stars are quite smart.

Chris Martin attended University College London and even got high honors in Latin and Greek while studying Ancient World Studies.

P!nk used to be in an R&B band.

While we all know and love P!nk as a pop star with a rock edge, she was in an R&B trio before her solo career took off.

The group was called Choice, and you can even listen to their single online. It's definitely a very different sound than what you'd expect from the edgy performer!

There is a fly named after Beyoncé.

Beyoncé is one of the most famous and iconic pop stars ever, so naming things after her makes sense.

However, naming a fly after her just doesn't seem right. The fly was discovered in Australia and had unique golden hairs. It was given the name of scaptia beyonceae.

Fergie was the voice of Sally from *Charlie Brown.*

It's hard to believe, but Fergie really was the voice of Sally Brown in the cartoons in 1984 and 1985.

Many fans of the pop star grew up listening to her voice this cartoon character without even realizing it until now!

Kesha appears in the "I Kissed A Girl" music video.

Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" was a hit when it dropped, but she isn't the only huge pop star to appear in the video for the song.

In the background, if you're watching closely, you can see Kesha! She just wasn't famous at the time.

Gwen Stefani had the first digital song to sell a million copies.

While Gwen Stefani had been on the music scene for a while already as part of No Doubt, she changed the game when she released "Hollaback Girl" as a solo artist.

This song was influential because it was the first digital song that sold more than a million copies.

Jessie J wrote 600 tracks before releasing her first album.

Over a time period of seven years, Jessie J wrote 600 songs. It's hard to imagine writing even a handful of songs, so she definitely has a lot of talent and drive.

Only 13 of these songs made it onto the actual album. Talk about working hard!

Jennifer Lopez's mom won the lottery.

Many of us dream of winning a large sum of money, but Jennifer Lopez's mom, Guadalupe Lopez, actually did that. She won $2.4 million in 2004 on a machine in Atlantic City.

Plus, her daughter is Jennifer Lopez, so she really won the lottery twice in a way!

Speaking of, J-Lo's dress inspired the creation of Google Images.

When Jennifer Lopez wore her legendary 2000s Grammys dress with a plunging neckline, tons of people wanted to find pictures online.

It wasn't so easy to do this back in the day, and the need for a good image sourcing site inspired the creation of Google Images.

And Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction inspired YouTube.

Honestly, this fact is pretty messed up as Janet Jackson's privacy should have been more respected. She also got vilified when she did nothing wrong.

But, the truth is that the creator of YouTube was inspired because he missed seeing the wardrobe malfunction when it happened, and wanted to watch it.

Justin Bieber auctioned a snake.

While celebrities often auction items for charity, it was rather shocking when Justin Bieber auctioned off a real snake.

The winning bidder, Michael Kronick, actually bid on the snake in order to give it to a zoo because he wanted to make sure it didn't fall into inexperienced hands.

Brad Pitt inspired Shania Twain's "That Don't Impress Me Much."

Brad Pitt is mentioned in the lyrics of the song, but there was actually a specific reason for this. She was inspired by nude photos of the actor that leaked while writing the song.

Shania Twain told Billboard:"I'm like, well that don't impress me much, I mean what is all the fuss. We see people naked every day."

Carrie Underwood gave out her number to other *American Idol* winners.

It's easy to forget that Carrie Underwood got her start by winning American Idol. As a kindhearted person, she would give out her number to subsequent winners of the show.

However, most of them didn't ever call her. Seems like a missed opportunity to get some great advice.