10+ 'Wonder Woman' Mistakes Fans Completely Missed

Wonder Woman was a fun, empowering superhero film and notable for being one of the few major superhero blockbusters to have a female lead.

As great as the movie is, however, it still has some mistakes. Just like nearly any other movie out there, there are small errors, including problems with continuity that fans have noticed.

Here are 10+ Wonder Woman mistakes that fans completely missed.

This error with Diana's sword.

In the scene where Wonder Woman is fighting soldiers in the village on the second floor of a building, she uses her sword.

It starts out being held correctly but then switches suddenly so she's holding it upside down by the blade. It then switches back to normal.

This magically appearing button.

There is a scene where Diana is translating documents in the General's office that contains a continuity error.

At first, one of the buttons on her coat is undone or missing, but as she walks toward the desk, the button is suddenly there.

Diana and Steve keep changing positions in this shot.

This is a small continuity mistake but also a rather funny one.

In the scene where Diana and Steve Trevor are lying next to each other on a boat, the space between their bodies keeps changing in a way that doesn't make sense.

The use of the word "intel."

The film uses the word "intel" multiple times, but this wouldn't make sense. The word wasn't recorded as in use until 1961 while the film takes place in 1918.

It's a pretty obvious anachronism, but one that most of us wouldn't think twice about.

An error related to military rankings.

Most casual views of Wonder Woman aren't going to know the ins and outs of military uniforms and ranks, especially those from World War I.

However, there is an error made in the scene where Sameer is posing as Steve's driver. He refers to Steve as a colonel, but he's actually wearing a captain's shoulder piece.

A scientific error about hydrogen.

Chief at one point says that the poison gas will be flammable because it's hydrogen-based.

However, not all hydrogen-based things are flammable. It's a very common element, and many substances, even water, contain hydrogen. So, this doesn't make much sense from a scientific standpoint.

The mysterious case of vanishing debris.

There's a scene where Wonder Woman crashes through a window creating wooden debris on the floor next to her.

But, in the wider shot of this scene, all of the wooden debris is suddenly gone. We're pretty sure no one in that scene would have cared to pick it up!

The zipper on Steve's pants.

This is another historical error that some clever fans have noticed.

In the scene where Steve is getting dressed after bathing in the pool, he zips up his fly. But, as zippers weren't really used on clothing until the 1920s, this doesn't make a lot of sense.

Wonder Woman's shield comes out of no where.

During the scene when the sniper is shooting at the square, Diana has lost her shield after a cannon shot.

However, just a few moments later she has the shield again, but there wasn't enough time for her to her to get it back.

Issues with the mug Wonder Woman is holding.

Diana is offered a mug in this close-up scene, but it keeps changing from her left hand to her right. At one point, she even sets the mug down only for it to suddenly appear again in her hand.

The continuity in this scene with the mug was definitely off.

This spelling error in the credits.

While most movie mistakes happen in the scenes of the film, they can also sometimes be found in the credits.

The character of Field Marshal Haig is in the credits as "Field Marshall Haig." But, the spelling of "marshall" with two Ls is a surname, not a rank.

A continuity error involving a gun.

Fans really are sleuths when it comes to finding even small errors.

There is a scene at a bar where a bald guy is pointing a gun. At first, Wonder Woman is across the table from him, but in the next second, she is suddenly next to him. Even she can't move that fast!

How dangerous was the gun in this shot?

In the scene where Diana and Steve are being held at gunpoint in the alley, the hammer of the gun is drawn back in the first shot but in the second shot, it's back to its resting position.

You can see this error if you start watching at about 53 minutes into the film.

A disappearing clipboard.

Near the beginning of the movie, Wonder Woman is sitting at a desk looking at the photograph from World War I.

At the start of the scene, there's a clipboard next to the case containing the picture, but it disappears when the same scene is shown from a different angle.

These disappearing weapons.

General Antiope's death is one of the most tragic moments in the film, so this continuity error takes away from that moment somewhat.

While she is dying, there is a sword and a bow in the scene, which then disappears between shots.