10+ Reality TV Show Mistakes Fans Will Never Forget

Ah, reality TV.

It's called most people's "guilty pleasure" for a reason: it doesn't have too much depth, the Kardashians dominate it, and the drama is just too good to resist.

But some of these shows are guilty of another thing: epic mistakes. Whether it's a continuity error or a flub on live TV, these mistakes are hard to forget.

1. When Steve Harvey read the wrong winner's name at the 2015 Miss Universe pageant.

Thanks to this epic flub, he announced Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutiérrez as the winner, when it was actually Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach, who had won.

This led to one of the most painful moments of television.

Millions of viewers got to see Ariadna's dreams shatter as they took the crown off her head.

According to Harvey, the teleprompter gave him the wrong name.

2. This continuity error on *The Simple Life*.

In the show's first season, Paris was talking to Janet on the phone at the gas station.

But in the next shot, it showed the phone being on the retriever, then back to Paris using the phone.

3. When Steve Harvey introduced the wrong country at another Miss Universe pageant.

Two years after his massive flub, the host found himself at the center of controversy again.

That's because he introduced the National Costume contest winner as Miss Philippines.

Only problem was, she was actually Miss Malaysia.

She even took the mic from him and corrected this. After getting flustered, Harvey defended himself.

“Let me explain something to you. I just read that in the teleprompter. Y'all got to quit doing this to me."

4. This continuity error on *Undercover Boss*.


During the Season Seven episode, "Wienerschnitzel," Louris had a nose ring in her left nostril. But in another shot, it moved to the right nose and then back.

The real crime, though, is them thinking their employees don't recognize them.

5. When the broken duck phone magically appeared in the *Jersey Shore* reboot.

Since the infamous duck phone was broken into pieces by The Situation, people were surprised to see it in the reboot.

This led to the phone being branded "an imposter" on Twitter.

6. When Tyra banks announced the wrong couple as safe during *Dancing With the Stars*.

The model has been the center of controversy ever since she stepped into Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews shoes.

After the host made this mistake, people on Twitter even called for her to be fired.

She later apologized for the mistake.

"Wowzers. Live TV. Wrong name on cards," Banks tweeted. "So challenging to deal with moments like these. But we power through.

Despite this, she still hasn't gained many fans praise.

7. This continuity error on *Man v. Food*.

When they were making corn beef hash at Easy Street Records, there was a plate switch.

In one shot, three eggs are placed over easy on top of the hash. But in another shot, they are sunny side up.

8. When *90 Day Fiancé* didn't do a good enough background check on Geoffrey Paschel.

After fans did some digging, it was discovered that Paschel had several charges against him.

This included aggravated kidnapping, domestic assault, interference with emergency calls, and vandalism.

As a result, he wasn't part of the show's tell-all event.

However, fans were still upset that he was shown throughout the entire season.

TLC's lack of thorough background checks made fans extremely upset.

9. This continuity mistake in *Hell's Kitchen*.

During the Season 17 episode, "Catch of the Day," contestant Van from the Blue Team was asked to leave Hell's Kitchen by Chef Ramsey.

While he's shown walking out, his head was in the shot when the Red Team were nominating people.

10. This continuity error on *Cake Boss*.


He may be the boss at making cakes, but someone wasn't the boss at editing.

During a Season One episode, the lobster cake Buddy's working on goes from being almost done to being empty during different shots.

11. When Tyler Crispen was caught cheating in an HOH comp on *Big Brother*.


Tyler may have won America's Favorite on the hit show, but this mistake certainly didn't win him any points.

Since his feet were removed from the disc during the competition, it was a direct violation of the rules.

12. This continuity error on *Cheap Eats*.

When the show tried food in Charleston, there was a plate switch during the show.

One moment, it had pulled pork that looked like a mess. Then the next, the pork size doubles, and there are pickles on top.

13. When Bachelor Jess Palmer says the wrong girls name at his rose ceremony on *The Bachelor*.

You had one job!

He ended up calling out Katie when he meant to give a rose to Karen. How freaking awkward is that? I definitely wouldn't want to be in that situation.

14. When Jillian Anderson thought her name was called on *The Bachelor*.

Another rose ceremony mistake! But this time, instead of the lead calling the wrong name, one of the contestants thought she heard hers.

When she realized her mistake, she fell...

Big yikes.