This Purse Holds A 3-Litre Box Of Wine, And It's Totes Going On My Holiday Wish List

Remember when life was so busy because you were rushing around all day working, running errands, and shuttling the kids to activities? Now it seems like all our time is spent waiting in line-ups to get into the grocery store.

Those lines can seemingly last forever and there's only so much scrolling I can do on my phone. That's why I'm putting this insulated tote bag on my holiday wish list. The cleverly named Hide + Chic tote holds up to a three-litre box of wine, which is exactly the kind of distraction I need while I'm waiting to get into the supermarket and avoid getting too close to people.

Covid times call for drastic measures, am I right?

It's also insulated, which means you can keep beverages cool or warm, depending on what it is.


Prosecco comes in a box, right? Because the insulation of this bag means it'll stay cold. Even better, though, is that it'll keep any snacks cool and fresh, too.

I'm thinking cheese, charcuterie, cheesecake, know, the essentials. If need be, you can also stash an ice pack for extra long coolness.

I'm totally fine sharing the details of this bag with you, but in the event I don't want the other parents knowing I'm carrying around a few litres of wine, it really just looks like a nice tote.


The Hide + Chic tote bag is made with faux Saffiano pebbled leather, and includes a discrete key fob that doubles as a bottle opener. It's basically the prettiest, most professional, and sneakiest bag you'll ever own.

It'll offer a bag load of fun with room for extras.


According to the reviews, this bag holds even more than I could hope for.

"Advertised as holding 3L of wine. Actually holds about 5 on one side then there is room on the other side for another 3 L or 6 pack of beer. Much bigger than I needed but if that's what you're looking for than this is the bag for you," one reviewer wrote.

Another said she bought it for her sister, who loves to take it to the beach.

So, when we're allowed to gather again, this will be the perfect bag to take on an outing with the girls.

Whether you take this on your next trip to the grocery store or your trip to the park for a picnic, it seems like it's a bag of all trades.

Someone wrote in the reviews that it's "the best bag for any sports event." And although I'm not a sports lover myself, I totally understand the subtext: it holds enough food and beverage to get you through even the longest of basefootbasket matches — that's a sport, right?

The Hide + Chic insulated tote by Blush is available on Amazon for around $43.

If you get your hands on one, slide into the comments and let me know how you plan on putting it to good use.

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