Fans Are Realizing That 'Big Bang's Jim Parsons Is 'Actually Hot' In New Photoshoot

Who doesn't love a good, hunky, celebrity crush? There's no harm in looking, and it's so fun to do. Jason Momoa, Henry Cavill, Brad Pitt, George Clooney...the list of hunks goes on and on (and boy, are we glad that it does).

A name we didn't expect to add to the list was Sheldon Cooper, but in 2020, it looks like anything is possible.

Personally, I think all our favorite celebrities should have to fill out a request form before they make any big changes to how they look.

We weren't emotionally prepared when Jason Momoa shaved his beard, and we didn't have any say at all in Henry Cavill's mustache growth. That's unacceptable!

Although, if this were the case, we might never get to see new looks that are surprisingly attractive after they happen, even if you might not think so to start with.

We love *The Big Bang Theory* and all the guys on it.

Raj, Howard, Leonard, and Sheldon (even Stuart) are all cute and adorable in their own little dorky ways, whether it's their love of turtlenecks or sweaters or their smart-looking corduroy pants.

We wouldn't have called any of them particularly hot though.

Of course, they were all characters, and a lot of the actors look pretty different in real life.

We wouldn't be super surprised to learn that Simon Helberg, who played Howard, maybe didn't rock a bowl cut after showing one off on the show for 12 seasons. At least, we hope he didn't! Most of us had to deal with a bowl cut while we were kids — doing it again as an adult is cruel and unusual punishment.

Jim Parsons, though, kind of always looked like Sheldon.

Sure, his hair was a little longer, and he definitely seemed like a more relaxed and funny person than our little Shelly, but he mostly seemed pretty consistently Sheldon-esque in his personal appearance. Dorky and cute!

Until now!

Jim recently shared some shots from a new photoshoot for L'Officiel where he was rocking some very un-Sheldon blond highlights, floppy hair, and honestly the kind of sex appeal that would've made Sheldon run for the hills faster than you could say "Bazinga!"

Fans were pretty shocked to see the brand new look, and many were dealing with some awakened feelings.

"Umm... who was going to tell me that Sheldon Cooper is actually super hot?!" one fan wrote on Instagram, with another commenting, "I didn't think 2020 would end with me thirsting over Jim Parsons."

Neither did we, but we guess 2020 really is bringing in all the surprises!

You've got to admit, he does look very handsome.

I have to say I agree with all the comments talking about how handsome he looks in this shoot, especially one fan who wrote on Instagram, "I'm actually shocked by how sexy he looks here! Sexy is the last word I would've associated with Sheldon!"

For some, this was a pretty drastic change.

For others, though, they always knew Jim was actually a hottie underneath that nerdy Sheldon shell. Or maybe even because of it!

"Was he ever not hot?" one fan wondered.

Fans couldn't help but apply moments from the show to this discovery.

We can't even imagine what Amy would say to these photos — let alone Penny, Leonard, or any of the gang!

I don't think any of them would dare try to grab Sheldon's spot after this, though.

I can't even imagine how *Sheldon* would react to seeing himself like this!

I'm pretty sure the word "Bazinga!" would be involved at some point somehow though.

He's well past a heartthrob at this point! We'd even go so far as to say he's entering dreamboat status!

Jim must be loving all this new attention!

It must be nice to get people talking about him for once, and not just the mega popular sitcom he starred in for a decade! We are more than happy to indulge him and keep talking about this for, like, ever!

Amy Farrah Fowler must be living the dream right now!

What do you think about Jim's new look? Do you agree that he's really showing off his good looks for the first time, or do you think people weren't truly appreciating Sheldon's charm? Let us know in the comments below how you feel!