10+ Plot Holes In Famous TV Shows We Still Aren't Over

I like to think that I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to TV. I try to suspend belief as much as possible but even I have my limits. Sometimes, some shows just go too far.

That's why I decided to sit down and rack my brain to come up with the worst plot offenders that TV has to offer. Have a look and check out these 10+ plot holes in famous TV shows we still aren't over.

Why didn't Lorelai's parents try to look for her in *Gilmore Girls*?

I didn't have a perfect relationship with my parents during my adolescence. But if a 16-year-old-me left a note saying that I was running away, my parents would have had something to say about it.

They didn't even call the police — seriously?

Why is *The Flash* so useless?


I understand that the CW's Flash is supposed to be an early examination of Barry Allen. That said, he uses his superspeed for one thing — to run.

Why doesn't Barry fight the bad guys in super speed?! He could literally land a thousand punches before most could cock their arm back.

How did Jake manage to grow a beard in season 5 of *Brooklyn 99*?


I myself am a fan of the beard, I'm just curious as to how it got there in the first place?

During a previous episode in season 3, Jake tells Amy that he's physically incapable of growing facial hair. Was he just joking?

How did the White Walkers get the chains around Viserion in *Game Of Thrones*?


At numerous times over the course of the series, it's clearly stated that the White Walkers cannot swim.

So how did they then manage to dive to the bottom of a frozen lake and wrap a dead dragon in irons?

Why do Sam and Dean stop saying "Christo" in *Supernatural*?


This demon-hunting duo knows a neat little parlor trick. Saying the word "Christo" in front of a demon will cause them to have a physical reaction.

But for some reason, they completely forget all about it after the second season.

How could Quinn have possibly healed so quickly in *Glee*?

She was in a serious car crash that almost killed her, and after being confined to a wheelchair for months she just decides to stand up?

I don't think so. Her muscles would have atrophied and she'd probably need to learn to walk again.

Where do Jay's cars all come from in *Modern Family*.


We get it, Jay is the closet king. But if you pay attention, he's driving a new car in nearly every single episode!

Is there a hidden underground garage that we've never seen? Is Jay a billionaire?

Where do they get the gas in *The Walking Dead*?

One thing that always seems to be in ample supply in The Walking Dead is gasoline. Wouldn't that have been one of the first things to go?

How is it that every single car always has a full tank of gas?

Who broke the elevator in *The Big Bang Theory*?


Leonard states in season 1 that he doesn't know how the elevator broke, only to be contradicted two seasons later when it's revealed that he himself was the culprit.

Also, this group of friends consists of three physicists and an engineer — just fix the damn thing.

How did Izzie's brain tumor manage to go undetected in *Grey's Anatomy*?

Not to state the obvious but she is a doctor who works in a hospital surrounded by other doctors. Plus, she was having extreme hallucinations.

How could someone not have put two and two together?

How can Phoebe afford to live on her own in Greenwich Village in *Friends*?


At least in the case of Monica, the writers attempted to explain it via rent control. But Phoebe is a struggling part-time masseuse living in the most expensive neighborhood in New York City.

It just doesn't make sense.

Where is Fez from in *That '70s Show*?


Fez' nationality and country of origin are only loosely hinted at over the course of the series. More than likely, this was deliberate so as not to specifically offend anyone.

Still, a little closure would have been nice.

Why was the Parks Department being videotaped in *Parks And Recreation*?

Oddly enough, this is never once explained at any point in the series. At least in The Office, we knew that it was a PBS workplace documentary.

But the camera crew in Parks and Rec is never explained nor are they ever acknowledged.

Everyone's age on *Friends*.


The writers really did manage to make a mess of this several times over. For example, Ross' birthday changes from December to October.

Also, Joey is younger than Rachel yet she's the last in the group to celebrate her 30th birthday.

Why do the employees of Dunder Mifflin care about their privacy all of a sudden on *The Office*?


It had been nine years that the camera crew had been following them around. Then, on the eve of the big premiere, they all of a sudden have second thoughts?

Nope. Not buying it.

What happened to Dan and Serena's half-sibling on *Gossip Girl*?


Dan and Serena find out that they share a brother named Scott, but after his short arc, he is literally never mentioned again.

He doesn't even attend their wedding in the series finale! How weird is that?

The amount of vervain in *The Vampire Diaries* makes no sense.

The council members of Mystic Falls make it clear that there is only a certain amount of stock left of this herb, and they take care of it.

But a short time later, there is an unending amount of it! It's even in the town's water supply at one point!

Can vampires breathe in *Buffy the Vampire Slayer*?

Back in season 1, Angel says he can't perform CPR because vampires don't have breath.

But in the later seasons, we watch vampires go from being out of breath to choking underwater. So which one is it?

The timeline of graduation in *The OC*

In season 1, the characters are juniors, and they only graduate at the end of season 3.

Between all of that, two summers pass, which means graduation should have happened a lot sooner.

The ages of the twins in *Riverdale*


They are twins, but apparently, they weren't born on the same day.

Jason is the same age as his ex, Polly. Her younger sister Betty is the same age as Cheryl (who is Jason's twin).

So...how could they be twins?

The amount of power in *Doctor Who*

The Doctor only has 13 regenerations, since other characters also had to be healed to come back.

By this logic, his powers should have run out and he wouldn't have made it to 13. But that would have ended the show a lot sooner.

The birth of "Smelly Cat" in *Friends*

Phoebe has said more than once that her father left her before she was born.

But when they end up meeting, he said that he used to sing her lullabies, and that's where she got the inspiration of "Smelly Cat." Was Phoebe lied to?

Timmy's deportation on *Rules of Engagement*

The last couple of episodes revolve around Timmy's deportation, as his visa is going to expire.

But in season 4 he reveals that he has been a US citizen for quite some time. Did the writers just forget?

Mulder's wedding ring in *The X-Files*


This wedding ring appeared out of nowhere, and never went away.

The character wasn't dating anyone or engaged, so it made no sense that it suddenly appeared, no matter what happened in the actor's personal life.

The timeline inconsistency in *That '70s Show'

Only four years passed on the show in eight seasons. But we had five Christmas episodes, and it takes about six seasons for Eric to age an entire year!

They obviously did it so they wouldn't hit year '80, but it's hard to ignore.

Chandler and Rachel's relationship on *Friends*

Chandler and Rachel are introduced in the pilot episode as being complete strangers.

But as the seasons go on, not only had they known each other before the pilot, but they had even spent holidays together.

The elevator in *The Big Bang Theory*

Back in season 1, Leonard tells everyone the elevator had been broken two years prior.

But in season 3, we find out Leonard is the one who broke it seven years ago. So the math doesn't add up.

Why didn't they call the police in *Pretty Little Liars*?

Once all these girls realized that they were being stalked, why didn't they go to the cops? Or tell their parents?

It just seems unrealistic that for so long they wouldn't have bothered to go to the proper authorities.

Malia in senior year of *Teen Wolf*

Malia had been trapped as a werecoyote from the age of nine to 17.

But once she's out, she goes straight into senior year. She definitely wouldn't have the education to help her make it to that grade automatically, so this makes no sense.

Dwight and Angela's baby on *The Office*


In the final season of The Office, Angela tells Dwight that the baby isn't his (after doing a paternity test).

But later, she admits it is his baby. So, what happened there? Did she pay the doctor to lie to them?

Let us know your fave plot hole down below!