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Trump's Tweets Claiming Election Fraud Flagged 'Potentially Misleading' By Twitter

As votes continue to be counted and the country waits in anxious anticipation of the election's results, President Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to express his opinions, some of which the site has now flagged as being "potentially misleading."

According to the Los Angeles Times, several of the POTUS' tweets claiming election fraud have been restricted from view and slapped with a warning that they “might be misleading about an election or other civic process.”

The first of those to be flagged was a post from Trump in the early hours of Wednesday morning claiming "they are trying to STEAL the election" without providing any evidence.

Along with the aforementioned disclaimer, Twitter's restriction notice also includes a link to the company's civic integrity policy for more information.

Once a post is tagged as potentially claiming misinformation, it becomes more difficult for other users to spread it across the site as it becomes blocked from being retweeted and replied to.

Since that initial post was flagged, several follow-up tweets from the president have also been restricted, including a post Trump retweeted which questioned vote totals in battleground states.

Also among those restricted posts is this tweet claiming Trump's lead in “Democrat run & controlled” states had “started to magically disappear as surprise ballot dumps were counted. VERY STRANGE.”

Some unfounded or misleading tweets from Trump campaign officials have also been hit with restrictions, including several tweets from Mike Roman, the Trump campaign's director of Election Day operations.

In this tweet, Roman shares side-by-side photos, the first of a man who can be seen handing a piece of paper to another man who appears to be standing in line inside a polling station. The photo next to it shows a flier from a Democratic group, which Roman implies is the paper that was being exchanged between the two men.

That post has since been flagged by Twitter as containing "manipulated media". As the New York Times reports, a blown-up version of the first photo shows no such paper is being handled between the men who are shown.

h/t: Los Angeles Times, New York Times

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