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Get Your Chickens In The Holiday Spirit With This Adorable Christmas Sweater

You know what they say about Christmas: the more, the merrier. So, don't forget to include your chickens in this year's festivities. How, you ask? By buying them a festive Christmas sweater.

Etsy store Animal Fun and Fashion is here to get your fine feathered friends in the mood for Christmas with this custom-made sweater that would make Santa proud.

Your little cluckers won't have to worry about freezing their tail feathers off or missing out on the holiday fun.

There's no reason to get your feathers in a bunch, they come in different colors.

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These adorable sweaters are handmade with acrylic yarn and are adorned with wood buttons.

They come in various colors and patterns, and if you don't see the right color, you can even get a pattern custom-made for a little extra cost. Because your chicken is fancy.

These sweaters have us clucking for joy.

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These cute little sweaters are also available in a broad range of sizes for every chicken body type.

The sizes range from extra-small to large, so there's no need to worry about your chicken having to squeeze into their sweater after round two of Christmas dinner. We're not here for chicken body shaming!

These sweaters are best worn for only a season.

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Be careful, these sweaters aren't intended for long-term wear. They can interfere with the natural molting process of the feathers or their little chicken feet can get tangled in the threads. So be sure to order the right size.

These are clucking awesome.

Spread the joy this holiday season, and make sure it makes its way to your chicken coop. Your birds will love you for it — and the Insta pics will be priceless.

Get your chicken sweaters at AnimalFunandFashion for around $16.

Planning on putting your fine feathered friends in one of these festive creations? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to include a pic!

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