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Old Navy's Walnut, Cocoa, And Beige Santas Prove That Not All Christmases Are White

Historically, most depictions of Santa Claus have been white, but with such a diversity of families and skin tones all over the world, many communities don't feel represented when it comes to Old Saint Nick.

So, Old Navy decided to do something about this lack of inclusivity by introducing a Christmas clothing line that is dedicated to honoring Santa Clauses of different colors, and asserting that families of color need representation.

Old Navy's Santa has shown up to represent.

Old Navy

This year, Old Navy has taken a stand to advocate for Black Lives Matter while making strides to ensure their brand aligns with their values for equity.

Their new line of clothing offers depictions of Santa Claus that come in cocoa, walnut, and beige to show that Santa should be relatable to everyone, not just white communities.

Everyone should be able to feel the festive holiday spirit.

Old Navy

From their gender-neutral onesie to their Santa socks, Old Navy is doing everything they can to make customers feel cozy.

Not only are we thrilled by how comfy these clothes look, but we're also pretty grateful that they're so inclusive.

This is a Christmas present we've needed for far too long.

Old Navy

These clothes don't just include different skin tones for Santa, they also offer options in sizing and styles that cater to people regardless of their gender or size.

One of the best parts is, they're all so cute. Sometimes when clothes are released for diversity, there's a tradeoff for style, but Old Navy brought the equality and the fashion sense, and we're here for it.

Say goodbye to the lame Christmases without any diversity.

Although the clothing industry as whole has a long way to go, it's encouraging that Old Navy is taking the leap forward and going against the grain.

We can only hope that other companies will quickly follow.

These clothes are available online at the Old Navy website and in select stores. Prices will vary.

We'd love to know what you think of these inclusive Christmas clothes in the comments.

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