Hairstylist Gives Clients Dramatic Makeovers To Bring Out Their True Beauty

Hairstylist Evgeny Zhuk knows a thing or two about makeovers.

As a stylist and TV host, he's helped create life-changing moments for hundreds of women ready for a change. He documents every transformation on his Instagram, where he and a team of makeup artists and cosmetologists make their clients' dreams come true.

He really loves dramatic makeovers.

He often tries to make the "before" look as washed-out as possible. It makes the "after" photo pop, as you can see here. The new cut makes her jawline look so sleek and sharp!

His blonde work is particularly stunning.

He adds so much dimension to his blondes, which is a true feat. Even when he goes platinum, he always makes sure to layer in multiple colors to make the whole look as natural-looking as possible.

Some transformations are small.

This one involved a small chop and color, which he is a master at. A little makeup and a killer smokey eye totally took the look from exhausted woman deserving of a nap to energized woman who actually still deserves a nap, tbh.

He's a big fan of a good chop.

Nothing really represents his work like a before and after that features a dramatic chop. He likes to add a lot of texture and volume to hair, giving it that extra somethin' somethin'.

This shaggy transformation is everything!

He took a dirty blonde and turned it platinum, but that wasn't enough. Next, he added some bangs and a blunt cut, giving his client the '70s choppy, shaggy look that is so in right now.

This red transformation is crazy!

He doesn't do a lot of red hair, so this one really stands out. He took her from brunette to redhead effortlessly, and gave her a nice, sleek cut as well!

He can make silver hair pop like crazy.

It almost looks like he gave her extensions, but it's all in the volume! He added a lot of texture to her cut and made it much more chic and modern.

This dye was long overdue.

The grown-out ombré needed some serious TLC! The new blonde is so bright, and it also looks really healthy. There's nothing like that new haircut softness, ugh.

You gotta love a chop.

The new, darker hair is definitely gorgeous. I like that it adds a lot of depth to her face, even without the new makeup! Also, those side bangs are amazing.

Back at it with those blondes.

Most of his work is touching up blonde hair, and he's a master at it. I love this funky little bob cut — it's blunt, which is very trendy, and complements her beautifully.

Some transformations are just jaw-dropping.

Even without the addition of the makeup (and the altered lighting, let's be real), the new hair is gorgeous and such a big change. The new part is so dramatic!

The waves he puts into hair are just jaw-dropping.

I don't know how he creates such perfect, voluminous waves. They look like something a movie star would have! And the light in the new hair color? Get outta here. It's stunning.

His work is pretty fantastic.

He took this hair full of braids and tangles and turned into a chic, platinum bob that perfectly fits his clients' metal look. She glows with that fresh look!

Let's show off one more red look.

Adding in the bangs seriously helps balance everything out! The new color is rich and deep, really complimenting her skin tone. Of course, those waves are literally surf-able, don't you think?