Rebel Wilson Channels Her Inner 'Warrior Princess' As She Celebrates Halloween During Her 'Year Of Health'

While 2020 might be kind of a write-off year for most of us, it's heartwarming to see that actress Rebel Wilson, best known for her roles in Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids, is truly out here living her best life in Australia.

Her Halloween pictures also showed off how much progress she's made in her Year Of Health!

We love celebrity transformations.

Whether it's Kelly Osbourne's dramatic 85lb weight loss or Channing Tatum bulking up back to his Magic Mike physique, it's awesome and inspiring to see celebrities challenging themselves in new ways and achieving the same kind of goals we have!

Rebel Wilson has been having a pretty amazing year.

At the start of 2020, Rebel declared that she would be making it her "Year Of Health," and she has definitely stuck to it! Rebel recently revealed she was only six pounds away from her goal weight of roughly 165lbs.

Rebel has been bringing us along for every step of the journey.

In the past, Rebel had opened up about how for her contract for Pitch Perfect, "I had to stay the same size. I'd lost 10kg and then had to maintain that for the whole movie, which is quite difficult."

Rebel made it clear that once the series was done, she planned to lose even more, which was a plan she definitely stuck to.

Rebel has been very vocal about thanking all of her fans for their love and support during this process, writing, "Thanks for all the love so far on my 'Year of Health' journey - when I was reaching for the candies last night after dinner I thought to myself 'hmmmm...better not” and had a bottle of water instead."

Rebel's Halloween costume really showed off all of her progress so far!

Dressed hilariously as "RONA (Warrior Princess)...destroying 'rona wherever I go," Rebel showed off her amazing figure as well as her quite frankly incredibly impressive nunchuck skills.

Is there anything that Rebel can't do?

She even showed off some impressive group choreography with some friends.

"TOGETHER WE ARE: THE NUN-CHICKS," Rebel joked in an Instagram post containing videos of herself and three of her friends, dressed as ninjas, wielding their nunchucks and doing cartwheels with ease.


She also obviously kept her silly side front and center too.

In another video with Rebel dancing around while spinning her nunchucks, Rebel wrote, "Happy Halloween! Are you guys socially distancing nun-chilling? ps my leg dagger almost stabbed me here!"

That's not a sentence you hear very often.

Rebel also showed off a fun couples' costume with her new boyfriend, Jacob Busch!

"HAUNTe COUTURe," Rebel wrote about their matching skeleton looks.

Obviously, fans flooded her comments with love and support for her Halloween look and her fitness journey so far! "This just made my Halloween. Actually, all Halloweens for the rest of time," one fan wrote.

"You look ridic," *Pitch Perfect* costar Brittany Snow wrote alongside a fire emoji.

"Ok, those legs though!" one fan wrote, with another one writing, "You look amazing! The costume [looks] perfect on you I love it!"

It shouldn't be surprising that Rebel's Halloween in 2020 was just as awesome as the rest of it!

Rebel's "Year Of Health" celebrations clearly didn't stop at Halloween either.

On November 3, Rebel shared this gorgeous swimsuit shot of her and a friend with the caption, "Hola Mexico!"

Not only do we get to be envious of her fantastic vacation, we can also be envious of how killer that swimsuit looks on her!

"Damn girl! Look at you!!! So proud of you. Smoking!!!" one fan commented on the pic.

"You are looking so good, girl! I'm going to make next year a year of health for me lol," one fan added.

I think we could all stand to live our lives a bit more like Rebel's Year Of Health!