Channing Tatum Shares His Fitness Transformation On Instagram: 'Daddy Is Back!'

We love to see celebrity transformations! Whether it's a dramatic new hairstyle, an exciting new fitness routine, or just letting your greys grow in naturally, it's always fun to see celebrities going through the same kind of changes we do!

If that celebrity is Channing Tatum and the transformation involves a lot of working out, well, that's even better!

Channing Tatum is a beloved actor.

Channing is known for both his comedic work in 21 Jump Street and the sequel 22 Jump Street but has also appeared in movies like Step Up, Dear John, The Vow and loads more.

Of course, he's also very well known for his work in the *Magic Mike* franchise.

Channing's excellent physique in the Magic Mike movies is almost as famous as he is, but obviously it isn't really feasible for him to maintain that kind of physique all the time.

In a new Instagram post, Channing revealed that he's back at his prime.

Channing shared a black and white photo of himself in fantastic shape and explained how he's gotten where he has.

"It’s been a long road back. Injuries, life shit, and just insanity in general. Ha daddy is finally back boooi!! To all those that have been there for me and held me down through it all. I love you," Channing wrote.

"Also peep the purell bottle. Keep it clean out there folks," Channing ended his post.

Of course, most fans were more interested in Channing's physique than the Purell, with one fan writing, "The way he referred himself to 'daddy' I’m here for it!"

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