Pug Who Hates Baths Insists On Holding Mom's Hand Whenever She's In The Tub

You know, for animals who often enjoy splashing in muddy puddles or swimming in lakes, dogs are surprisingly awful about baths.

Some dogs tolerate it, but others just will not allow such an affront to their person. Mine like to take revenge by using my bed to "dry off."

Dogs don't normally react to their humans bathing, though.

Occasionally, my boys will come into the bathroom while I'm showering and look confused about my life choices, but mostly they just use the opportunity to get up to no good elsewhere in the house.

But one very good boy is getting tons of love on the internet for his genuine concern for his human.

Diego is a two-year-old pug who really, really, really doesn't like baths.

His human, Raphi told The Dodo that Diego "screams like he’s being murdered when he gets a bath."

So Diego seriously doesn't understand why Raphi would choose not only to get in the tub, but to actually linger there.

Since she's clearly intent on staying in the tub for a nice long soak, Diego does what he can to support Raphi through what is clearly a difficult time.

What Diego can do is stay by her side and hold her hand until the ordeal is over.

Originally, he would cry when Raphi was in the bath, but after realizing that she wasn't dying or in a rush to get out, he began offering his paw for moral support.

Which makes him a Very Good Boy.

h/t: The Dodo