Prince William And Kate Middleton's New Housekeeper Will Earn $25,000 A Year

Look, I would do literally anything in an effort to get close to the Royal family, and I know I'm not alone in this thought. So when I heard Prince William and Kate Middleton were looking to hire a new housekeeper, I had a life crisis.

If I didn't have this job right now, I would be applying to be a member of the Kensington Royal squad, despite the pay being...questionable.

Don't Prince William and Kate Middleton have the most gorgeous little family?!

With three children, global philanthropic endeavors and a monarchy to maintain, it's easy to see why Wills and Kate need an extra set of hands!

It's no secret the royal family has a plethora of employees working full-time to maintain their busy lifestyle.

You think HRH Queen Elizabeth II is whipping up a roast for hubby Prince Philip every Sunday? I THINK NOT!

However, fans of the royals will know that Prince William and Kate Middleton have tried to break from the norm by having as few staff members around as possible.

It's clear that William has followed in the footsteps of his late mother, Princess Diana, and has been as hands-on as possible with his children.

Of course, Wills and Kate do need SOME help! They are royals, after all!

Understandably, maintaining their four-story, 20-room Kensington home with three young children and global duties isn't easy!

Now, the couple is looking for a new housekeeper for their Kensington Palace residence in London.

According to the job description, the new addition to the Duke and Duchess' staff will support all housekeeping operations and will take charge when the Senior Housekeeper is off-duty.

The job description goes on to say that "Maintaining confidentiality and exercising discretion at all times is paramount" — which totally makes sense!

"This is an exciting opportunity to join a supportive and positive team. You will be a self-starter who also enjoys working collaboratively."

The starting salary is just under $25,000 — according to The Mirror.

If you're interested in the job, you'll need to start working on your resume soon!

The cutoff for the job application is November 7!

While this job opportunity seems exciting to many, others weren't impressed with the salary.

Twitter is having a hard time deciding if the yearly salary is too low.

Considering it is aligned with the average income in the U.K., some were arguing it's a fair wage.

"£19,140 (equivalents to $25K USD) which is above average housekeeping salary in the U.K.," tweeted @flyingboomerang.

Another user pointed out that rent, food, and travel would be covered, adding additional value to the position.

However, that argument didn't hold up for Twitter users who have had the personal live-in nanny experience: "As a person who works inside the home and has been a live in nanny I can tell you that live in positions are WORSE . You never feel like you are “off the clock," argued @gabbakitten.

Considering the job is on-call and includes frequent travel, others were arguing it was not a sufficient wage.

"Seriously??? If you want quality, pay a quality living wage," argued Twitter user @lovedmadly.

Needless to say, the job would be a once in a lifetime experience and probably a lot of fun! I would totally do it for free, lol.

What do you think about the salary?! Let us know in the comments below!

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