Brad Pitt Calls Joe Biden 'A President For All Americans' In New Campaign Ad

With the presidential election just over a week away, many celebrities have begun throwing their hats in the ring and endorsing their ideal presidential candidate.

Brad Pitt has recently joined the long list of celebrities who are endorsing Joe Biden.

Now, the 56-year-old actor can be heard narrating a new Biden campaign ad where he gives the former vice president a glowing recommendation.

Brad Pitt is known for his philanthropic work. The actor has spoken out publicly about many issues that are close to his heart.

Now, Pitt is making his political affiliations known by narrating a new Joe Biden presidential campaign ad.

The campaign ad aired during the World Series and has already gained major attention online.

In the ad, Pitt can be heard saying, "America is a place for everyone — those who chose this county, those who fought for it — some Republicans, some Democrats, and most, just somewhere in between."

"All looking for the same thing: someone who understands their hopes, their dreams, their pain, to listen, to bring people together ... to work just as hard for the people who voted for him as those who didn’t. To be a president for all Americans."

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