Quotes For People Who Absolutely Will Not Share Their Snacks

I have a snack problem. Or really, more of a problem saying no to snacks.

You may be thinking, "Everyone has that problem sometimes!" and you'd be right, but today I saw a friend post photos of some gourmet donuts she bought and then fewer than 20 minutes later, UberEats was at my door with donuts for me.

Like...I spent $30 on a donut whim.

And I'd do it again, because the first (of three) donuts I've eaten from the box was pretty damn delicious.

It was a lemon curd and shortbread cake donut and it was mine and I won't share. So there!

There is no "moderation" for me.

I either don't bring the bag of chips or box of Halloween candy into the house, or I eat it all. If you want some, bring your own.

So I do try to plan my grocery shopping accordingly.

However, there are days (like today) when the convenience of having junk food delivered to my door is too tempting.

Since I live alone, I can't really hide the snacks from myself, either.

I bought them. I put them away. Whether they are in the pantry or the dishwasher, I know where to find them.

Please save me from myself...but not until I finish this box of donuts.