Mel Brooks, 94, Makes First Ever Political Video To Endorse Joe Biden

As the 2020 presidential election gets closer and closer, we see more and more celebrities using their platforms to endorse the candidates that they are voting for.

Even celebrities who don't often choose to get political are coming out of their shells to encourage their fans to vote, and legendary comedy icon Mel Brooks is one of the most recent ones to do so.

Mel Brooks is a Hollywood legend.

The director, actor, writer, producer, and composer is famous for his comedic genius in works like The Producers, Blazing Saddles, The Twelve Chairs, Young Frankenstein, and Spaceballs.

Mel doesn't often get political, but it looks like 2020 is the year that that changes.

Mel just made his first political video ever to endorse Joe Biden for president.

"My father, @MelBrooks, is 94. He has never made a political video. Until now," Mel's son, author Max Brooks, tweeted.

The video shows Mel sitting down with a mug that reads "Cup of Joe" while his son and grandson stand behind him outside through a window.

"Hi folks, I'm Mel Brooks, and behind me you see my son and my grandson," Mel begins the video.

"They can't be with me," Mel continues. "Why? Because of this coronavirus, and Donald Trump's not doing a damn thing about it."

"I'm voting for Joe Biden," Mel explains. "I like Joe. Why do I like Joe? Because Joe likes facts, because Joe likes science. Joe will keep us going."

"Take a tip from me," Mel says. "Vote for Joe."

You can watch the video for yourself right here!

We love to see celebrities using their platforms to spread the messages that they believe in. What do you think of Mel's video? Let us know in the comments below!