Quotes For When Murphy's Law Is Just, You Know, Life

You know what? This year has been a series of dumpster fires, and the only time I get to spend with people in person is physically distanced outdoors, so you would think that the weather would at least cooperate.

But nooooo, fall in my area has been about three days of beautiful leaves and blue sky surrounded by unpleasantly cold rain and general blah weather.

It's almost getting cold enough at night that I half-expect the rain to turn to wet snow by morning.

And I am not ready for that.

Though if there's one upside to not being able to go anywhere or do anything, it's that I'll feel zero guilt when I fail to shovel my driveway regularly.

When this Murphy's Law of a year began to make itself apparent, I naively thought that perhaps I'd miss being around people.

I don't.

If anything, lack of regular exposure has made those small peeves that used to be easy to overlook much more annoying.

If construction is happening in a neighborhood and everyone is at the office, does it make a sound?

Because it certainly seems to blow out my eardrums regularly now that I'm working from home.

Maybe once our long trudge through the suck has ended — or at least stabilized into normalcy — we should just retire Murphy's Law. Everything that can go wrong has happened, right?

And yet who knows what the future has in its back pocket? Ugh.