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Woman Asks If It's Wrong To Enjoy Her Hot Tub In The Buff After Neighbors Complain

A fun fact about me is that I hated living in an apartment. I never felt like I was alone and every thump in another unit, raised voice, or chance encounter in the laundry room reminded me of that.

I was constantly paranoid about what I might be doing to annoy my neighbors, even though I rationally knew I was being silly.

Moving into my own house was revelatory and I can never go back.

Of course, I still have neighbors and stories like this one remind me that you don't need to share a wall to be nosy.

Redditor Psychedelicorpsycho recently moved into a new home with their husband and turned the back porch into an oasis with mood lighting and a hot tub.

An altercation with the neighbors over use of said hot tub in the nude made them turn to r/AmItheAsshole to see who is actually the asshole in this situation.

An important note is that Psychedelicorpsycho was not breaking any laws by relaxing int he buff.

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In their home state of Florida, it is legal to be nude on one's private property as long as you're not engaging in any "lewd activities."

Presumably, Psychedelicorpsycho and her husband are seated in the tub and the only time everything is freely visible is while climbing in and out.

She explains that they use their swimsuits during the day and only soak naked late at night.

They also put some privacy options in place.

"The neighbors to our left have huge plants to block the property line. Perfection," she said, "I went ahead and put similar plants on my back property line to block the view."

There is a projection screen between the tub and the neighbors' property.

However, this clearly wasn't enough for the couple's older neighbors.

"The woman came to my house today and basically screamed at me for being naked in the yard. She threatened to call the cops next time I did it to which I informed her on the FL statute 800.03."

Psychedelicorpsycho also explained the privacy steps they'd already taken, but the woman still threatened to call the police and the HOA.

"Honestly I'm surprised anyone can see anything our property is in the middle of the acre and there's a ton of plants and trees."

So an accidental glimpse seems unlikely.

This is also not the first time the neighbor has threatened to call the police. Psychedelicorpsycho has her medical card for marijuana use, but the neighbor has yelled at her for smoking in the yard.

So while she knows relaxing nude in the tub isn't illegal, Psychedelicorpsycho wondered if continuing to do so makes her an asshole.

The resounding verdict was absolutely Not The Asshole (NTA).

"Why is your neighbor watching you across an acre yard? Tell her to call the cops and you can discuss your concerns about her harassment with them," said throwaway61419.

GaiusMourinhoCaesar had a funny solution, "I’d put a sign on the hot tub that says 'if you can read this, you’re breaking the law' - this sounds like a clearcut case of voyeurism. Time to get granny put on the sex offenders list."

Some also wondered if it wasn't the neighbor lady peeping, but her husband.

"My bet it's her husband who's peeping, and granny would rather bitch at "the other woman" than correct her husband's behaviour," said SnowWhiteCampCat.

Alas, even though she was probably in the right, many commenters did recommend doubling up on the privacy.

A second privacy barrier for behind the projector screen so that any silhouettes would be blocked, even more plants, etc.

Because the neighbor is going to be a pain in the ass regardless of the law and at least this way if they try to spread gossip about how "scandalous" it is, Psychedelicorpsycho can point to all the compromises.

Pretty hard for neighbor lady to say they didn't do their best to shield themselves from her view.

If she can still see them, then she must be trying very hard to do so and that'll only make her look bad in the end.

What do you think? Is Psychedelicorpsycho an asshole for not giving in to her neighbor's request that she and her husband keep their suits on in the hot tub, or is the neighbor crossing the line?

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