10+ Facts About Seth Rogen Fans Didn't Know

Who is your comedy hero? For me, it's a simple answer: Seth Rogen. Seth has appeared in some of the most iconic comedies of the past two decades. But what many don't realize is that he's also a writer, a husband, and an activist.

Seth's canon of work has impacted my life in ways I can't even begin to describe. As a small way of giving back, I thought it'd be fun to compile this list of 10+ facts about Seth Rogen that fans didn't know.

1. His career began at a very young age.

Seth first started doing stand-up comedy when he was 13-years-old. Shortly thereafter, he met his first agent and began auditioning.

I wonder, who were these bar owners that were letting a 13-year-old kid into their club? You've gotta love the '90s.

2. Seth is a Spice Lord!

Seth did an abridged version of the Hot Ones gauntlet with Dominic Cooper. You might think that Seth got off easy because he had to do fewer sauces but you'd be wrong.

Each sauce jumps more than 100,000 Scoville units. That's like licking the sun.

3. His first big break was working with Judd Apatow.

Seth played Ken Miller in a gem of a series called Freaks and Geeks.

It lasted only one season but boasted a star-studded cast that included James Franco, Jason Segel, and Linda Cardellini.

4. Seth is an outspoken marijuana activist and advocate.

Seth proudly proclaims that he's been an everyday smoker for the past 20 years.

He believes that weed has had a tremendously positive effect on his life and attributes any and all success he's had to his 'Yes, I cannabis' attitude.

5. He and Evan Goldberg first started writing *Superbad* while they were still in high school.

Seth and Evan met in bar-mitzvah class and have been best friends ever since.

All of the crazy shenanigans that take place in the film are the real-life high school experiences of Seth and Evan.

6. He worked on the National Expungement Initiative.

Did you know that more than 77 million people living in the United States have a criminal record? And that a large portion of those records are a result of misdemeanor marijuana offenses?

Seth is an advocate to have those records expunged permanently, so as to help millions of Americans gain a leg-up.

7. Seth is quite the potter.

No, I'm not talking about Seth's passion for pot. I mean that both Seth and his wife have been taking pottery lessons together!

Seth says that he derives true satisfaction from putting plants into pots that he himself has made.

8. He once smoked a joint in front of Steven Spielberg.

Seth was outside at a party and decided to light up a joint with a friend.

At that exact moment, he and Steven Spielberg locked eyes and Steven came over to say hello.

Seth wasn't sure what to do, but he decided to take ownership and continue smoking anyway!

Which is probably why you haven't seen Seth in very many Steven Spielberg films.

Seth has said that whenever he's happened to run into Steven since then, he can always sense a pang of disappointment.

9. Seth has his own cannabis products!

Houseplant is the name of Seth's marijuana cultivation company. Seth is the co-founder, along with his friend and colleague, Evan Goldberg.

At the moment, Houseplant is only available in the Atlantic and Central Canadian Provinces. At more than $50 an eighth, it's about as premium-priced as Cannabis comes.

10. He and his wife have been together for over 15 years.

Seth and his wife, Lauren, recently celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary! To commemorate the occasion, Seth posted a throwback photo of the two of them from their wedding day.

Yes, that's Seth and Lauren playing arcade games.

11. Seth has a knack for playground insults.

Seth went head-to-head against his co-star Chloë Grace Moretz in a game of Playground Insults for BBC Radio1.

Either he's just too nice or insult-humor isn't his forte, because Chloë absolutely mopped the floor with him.

12. He's often high in his films.

Seth sat down to chat with Stephen Colbert to promote his upcoming film Longshot. They began talking about Seth's predilection for pot, which prompted Stephen to ask Seth roughly how often he acted high.

Seth's response shouldn't surprise anyone. It's 100% of the time.

13. Seth testified before congress.

What many people may not know is that Seth's mother-in-law was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

Seth shares a heartbreaking story of how his wife's mother had forgotten how to eat, dress, and go to the bathroom by herself — all by the age of 60.

Watching his family endure this terrible tragedy is what inspired Seth to found Hilarity For Charity.

Hilarity for Charity has a dual purpose. The first is to aid and assist families who are suffering as a result of Alzheimer's Disease.

The second, funds cutting-edge research that will one day discover a cure.