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Seth Rogen Got High And Watched 'Cats' During Isolation: 'It Is Truly Trippy'

Seth Rogen and Cats. It's not really something that you could picture going hand in hand, but it's true!

The star just wanted to see what the movie was all about.

But you know what they say: curiosity killed the cat.

When "Cats" came out, the whole world wasn't ready for it.

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We were mentally unprepared, and it ended up not doing so hot at the box office.

But that didn't stop Seth Rogen from watching it.

Seth Rogen is one of Hollywood's funniest actors.

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He's a stand-up guy, he's been in a ton of comedies, and can always get us to clutch our stomachs and laugh until we can't breathe.

Recently, Seth Rogen, like the rest of the world, began to self isolate, which meant that he had to find ways to keep himself occupied.

That included getting high and watching Cats.

He live-tweeted his whole experience, and it's actually the best thing ever.

He even thought pretty hard about some things that other people may not have.

But that can probably happen if you're stoned.

Make sure you read through the entire thing to make your day a little better and brighter.