10+ Facts About Michael Caine Fans Didn't Know

Most of the people who I know in their eighties lead pretty quiet lives. They certainly aren't starring in movies and producing their own pictures. But that's what Michael Caine has always done — defied expectations.

Michael is a walking, talking legend in Hollywood and is one of the most revered actors to ever live. Get to know him better with these 10+ facts about Michael Caine that fans didn't know.

1. Michael Caine is a stage name.

Michael Caine was born Maurice Joseph Micklewhite in London, England back in 1933. When he began his career, he adopted the stage name Michael Caine in 1954.

I wonder if people still call him Maurice? Or do they simply refer to him as the gangster of love?

2. He had a bad experience with marijuana.

Michael famously smoked cigars for years but what many don't know is that he also had a brush with the devil's lettuce in his younger years.

He smoked one joint and couldn't stop laughing for five hours.

3. Michael was terrified by Heath Ledger on the set of *The Dark knight*.

Leading up to the release of The Dark Knight, Michael had only the highest praise for Heath Ledger as The Joker.

He's said that it is undoubtedly the most terrifying performance that he's ever witnessed.

4. Austin Powers is based on Michael Caine!

In the 1960s, Michael played a character named Harry Palmer in the film Ipcress File. Palmer is a smooth and suave British Intelligence spy with thick-rimmed black glasses.

Does that remind you of anyone?

Things got incredibly meta when Michael signed on to play Austin's father in *Austin Powers: Goldmember*.

Seeing Michael Caine acting opposite Mike Myers is pure comedic gold. Although Michael admits that he wasn't a big fan of the false teeth.

He'd often end up accidentally spitting them out mid-scene!

5. Michael served in the Korean War.

Michael was deployed and saw combat. During an interview with The Talks, he said that he "got into a situation where I knew I was going to die – like the people know they are going to die of cancer, except then we got out of it."

This moment has informed every aspect of his life.

6. Michael holds an Academy Award record.


If you span the decades beginning in the 1960s and finish in the 2000s, you'll find that Michael Caine has been nominated at least once in five concurrent decades.

There's only one other actor to have ever achieved this — Jack Nicholson.

7. He doesn't worry about aging.

Michael is now well into his eighties with no sign of slowing down. He was once asked by a reporter to give his thoughts on growing old.

He responded by saying that compared to the alternative, it's incredible! Michael is sharp and witty as ever.

8. Michael had an incredible encounter with his Hollywood hero.

Michael Caine grew up idolizing John Wayne. As fate would have it, Michael happened to be in the hotel lobby just as John was checking in.

It was there that John gave him some advice that Michael never forgot.

He told Michael to "talk low, talk slow, and don't say too [expletive] much."

Clearly, Michael listened because talking low and slow has kind of become his calling card.

John also advised Michael to never wear suede shoes into a restroom but that's a little too NSFW for further explanation.

9. He nearly embarrassed himself in front of the Queen.

Michael was knighted by Her Majesty the Queen back in November of the year 2000. When he was presented with the honor, the Queen commented on how long Michael had been acting for.

During an interview with Sirius XM, Michael said he had to stop himself from replying "Well, so have you."

10. His real name is now officially Michael Caine.

Michael's passport used to get him into trouble. His face is recognized internationally but the name, Maurice Joseph Micklewhite, most certainly is not.

During an interview with Time Michael explained how in a post 9/11 world, he didn't need to further complicate things at the airport. So he legally changed his name to reflect his stage name.

11. Michael Caine is great at impressions!

Michael's voice is one of a kind and incredibly prone to parody. Almost every working impressionist on the planet has a Michael Caine voice that they can throw out at the ready.

Michael embraces this to the fullest. His own mocking self-impression is hilarious.

12. He has the most adorable story of how he met his wife.

Michael's wife, Shakira Caine, was a Guyanese actress and fashion model. Michael saw one of her commercials and instantly fell in love.

He chartered a plane to Brazil to find her, only to be informed that she was living right under his nose in London!

13. Michael has actively tried to maintain his Cockney accent.

Michael has said that he's always been aware of the class system in England.

While his contemporaries adopted a more posh British accent, Michael kept the Cockney as a way of staying true to his roots.